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  1. RaveYagami

    Rare DLC Character

    Another two have found, 2 to go
  2. RaveYagami

    Rare DLC Character

    Okay i finally found The Raiden Mod, thanks to the modder (i think it's haussencraft) and the uploader from youtube channel ZeroXDark. Here you go for anyone..... Raiden Metal Gear Reveangence
  3. RaveYagami

    Rare DLC Character

    And for the omega that guy is for feral chaos dlc
  4. RaveYagami

    Rare DLC Character

    Thankyou, lot of your mods that i've been download and they're cool haha thanks
  5. RaveYagami

    Rare DLC Character

    There is, i've ever seen it on youtube but yours maybe better hahah and hey i'll wait for your mod then, i think it's better thank you in advance!
  6. RaveYagami

    Rare DLC Character

    So, uhmm been wondering dissidia community and the community before this, i've already obtain these dlc, but someday my laptop which have a lot of my dlc, have broken. I've rebuilding my characters and only last 4 of my wishlist, they are, 1. Omega MKIII 2. Ifrit 3. Vanitas - Ventus Birth by Sleep 4. Raiden Metal Gear Solid Reveangence If any of the commuter who have these dlc would be appreciated especially from me and for everyone, (or maybe it could be an idea for creating the mod haha) i'm looking forward for them. thank you...

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