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  1. I have many issues with the zidane-tidus mu, There's not much Tidus can do, Shift break becomes a threat if he goes too far and Swift Attack is literally hopstep but with a bigger reward and how is he gonna build assist or ex againts a SBS zidane :V. its just not 5-5.
  2. Azurestar

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Azurestar Azure gmt -4
  3. Azurestar

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Winners Round 2 Match 1: Azure (Tidus) vs. Dart-senpai (Cloud) - LN - DartMatch 2: Azure (Zidane) vs. Dart-senpai (Cloud) - EP- AzureMatch 3: Azure (Sephiroth) vs. Dart-senpai (Zidane) - The orange ff9 stage (i dont remember its name) - AzureWinner: Azure 2-1
  4. Azurestar

    Genesis - DDFF Major Tournament

    Username: Azurestar Hamachi ID: Azurestar Timezone: GMT -4

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