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  1. Stark

    Poject Dissdia NT

    I have PNG file for my character selection artwork. Is there any tool to change it to GIM file format?
  2. Stark

    Poject Dissdia NT

    Thank you for the help mate. I'll still try to make my own version of NT. This a great help.
  3. Stark

    Poject Dissdia NT

    Since i can't play Dissidia NT. I am planning to make my Dissidia 012 to look like Dissidia NT Starting with the character models. I already change some character models to look like NT models. (using DLCtoolkit) Can someone send me a link to other dissidia NT character models (if some exist). Then after compiling the mods i'm happy to share it with you guys. And if someone know how to change the image in the character selection screen? Can you please send me a tutorial on how? Thank you 😁
  4. Did Anyone has or make Dissidia NT Squall and Cloud model? I saw it in other websites some time ago. But it has no Download Link. Please Kindly Share the Link :) Thaaanks

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