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  1. Zyxald

    Creating Assist Mod

    Hello, I'm a DDFF mod consumer and i want to ask some help. so I'm trying to learn how to create an assist mod (or at least recreate it from using other people's mod) for my own self use and i realize that making request from other people to make all of it is kinda selfish. are there anyone that can help me and maybe some people that interested in this topic too, thank you. Oh and I'm new to modding so please teach me as detail as possible 😘
  2. Zyxald

    DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

    is that it ? wow that's easy, thank you so much. but the model file that i use doesn't matter as long as it is the same as the character right?
  3. Zyxald

    DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

    Hello, i wanna ask a question. I'm still new to modding especially with this dlc generation thing, so i wanna ask where can i get this .gmo /.gim files? all the mods that i downloaded so far is .edat and i kinda want to make a placeholder dlc to put some mods that i wanna use it the future.

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