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  1. Disregard Cosmos Judgment. The 2nd effect completely ruins the balancing effect that its 1st effect does. For those who don't know: The 1st effect protects your Assist Gauge from being emptied out if your opponent enters EX Mode. The 2nd effect gives you a Full EX Bar immediately once your HP Bar becomes "Near Death"; afterwards, if the reciever of the EX Bar is not in Break, he/she can just EXR immediately if the other guy doesn't have an Assist and Break him/her for free. The only way to prevent this is to hoard enough BRV for the kill. This is forced unhealthy play and goes against a part of what this ruleset also tries to accomplish in the first place, which is to cut out as much BS as possible.
  2. I've been hit with a TON of real-life happenings so it's making it really hard for me to work on this ruleset solo at all, let alone edit the replays I've accumulated. So in the meantime, I'm gonna roll out these unofficial changes until something else happens. Unofficial changes 4/18/2019 the "Sys" route: - Dismay Shock unbanned - EX Critical Boost is banned - Crit damage set to 150 - AST on Hit set to 150 - Cosmos Judgment is enabled
  3. I know I'm double-posting but: This is wayyyy after the last update on the ruleset years ago, but ever since I thought about posting this ruleset again, I thought about upping the Crit damage to 120 or 130 taking the average low overall bonus rewarded damage output (and damage output in general) into account (disregarding Wallrushes). Maybe it would be better for the metagame, maybe worse. I imagine it would change the neutral alot; I could be wrong.
  4. Noted. The only reason it's not any higher is because Squall himself is one of the best at gaining Assist meter in this meta. If say we theoretically set it to 150, everyone would have a nice shot at at least getting 1 bar but Squall would be kinda insane. But this is conjecture of course. Another reason why Assist Gauge Up Dash was banned. Otherwise both players would be dry-humping for their friends to come attack the other guy all day. And yes, I agree. The neutral itself is also the best part. It's sort of similar to how DFF's neutral was played. We didn't even get to play with Omni Air Dash today though despite the fact that it's nerfed in this game smh. Tbh, Hollowed and I thought about this for awhile and iirc the ruling came down to "not having EX depletion ends games faster" or something along those lines. Elaborating on this on your below comment (next paragraph) on the Dragonfly Orb, I'm starting to think that we both may have banned EX Core Absorption boosts a long time ago because of this concern. Again, no hasty conclusions. But I'm inclined to agree. Spyder, Hollowed, and I were also talking about Dismay Shock / EX Depletion's effect on the White Lotus meta as well. At one point, I think we reduced Core appearances to 1? We even just outright deleted Cores from the game at one point. But I suppose it's the amount that you get from it as well as the RNG that matters. Iirc we (Hollowed and I) were debating on enabling exceptions to let certain characters equip certain banned abilities because of their Exclusive weapons at one point. Like Vaan's Zodiac Blade for Riposte. Or ExDeath's Enuo's Scourage for Riposte. This could open another potential bag of worms where, by enabling this exception, we may need to enable the "bypassing banned Abilities/effects by letting everyone be able to equip their Exclusives that have a banned Ability on them" can of worms by virtue of fairness. Which honestly doesn't seem like too bad of an idea considering how balanced the Exclusives themselves are, except maybe Lightning's dual Exclusives and Squall's Core absorption exclusive which would make him even better than he already is. Kefka would have his initial +20% EX. Squall gets his Core exclusives. etc. I think it would be like not letting Feral Chaos equip Brute Force or Via Dolorosa. Alternatively, we just outright ban Dragonfly Orb. :rolleyes: I kinda feel this. The builds don't seem to matter as much in this metagame. But it's agreeable that we play more games since it feels early to decide anything at all. _C1 Remove Full Assist Charge _L 0xE0015520 0x002EEB76 _L 0x202EEB74 0x10000019 _C1 Remove Single Bar Assist Charge _L 0xE00115B2 0x002EEAB6 _L 0x202EEAB4 0x10000022 http://forums.ppsspp.org/showthread.php?tid=3590 There's always this. Both players would need to enable this to have this active in-game. I imagine it would need to be active for the replays to work as well.
  5. I posted my reply to you in that thread. Everyone, please post all questions, discussions, suggestions, comments, content, etc relating to the ruleset from now on. 🙂
  6. Chippers like Zidane and Onion Knight with their easy access to HP damage. There is a World of Darkness (yes, both versions of that stage) build that makes it extremely easy to obtain at least 9k Bravery in a matter of less than 15 seconds in combination with the booster Easy Come, Easy Go and at least 8 other different boosters if not 9. All you have to do is equip Mindbreak and a bunch of related BRV Boost on Stage Destruction equipment and you have an extremely braindead, powerful, degenerate strategy on your hands. That being said, I do not remember the ruling on Easy Come, Easy Go, but seeing how it only provides x2.5 for only 15 seconds then cuts your entire total in half in a ruleset where the limit is x 3.1, it absolutely sucks. So I just left it in as allowed. I'll be honest, I do not remember the complete ruling on this one myself. I believe it has to do with BRV hoarding and then HP-ing for the kill. EX Core Appearance boosts make it easy to hoard for EX and also detracts / distracts from the overall pace of the fight alot more frequently than normal. The lesser are more viable in this ruleset. The former are banned to make the lesser used defensive equivalents like Protect Stud, Block Ring and Defense Veil, more viable. The ruleset itself was also designed with things like these in mind so that alot more normally unused assets in common Official metagames could potentially see more use in competitive Duodecim gameplay. +30% BRV Boost on block makes it really easy to hoard BRV against mages like Terra or characters with easily blockable projectiles like Bartz / Cecil. It makes them worse, actually. For this same reason I think Adamant Set is a suspect for testing as well as the Adamant Set/Zephyr's Cloak combination, but I do not think there's any need to come to a hasty conclusion at this time. Duodecim as a game is already defensive / turtly enough as it is. Iirc, Hollowed quoted a long time ago that getting an increased reward for staggering a character for free on Block seemed too powerful already, and Riposte may have been ok to allow in situations like staggering your opponent's BRV with your own BRV (i.e. Vaan's SW Katana). But otherwise, no. Every other crit ability is fine. See my reply to EXR Duration boosts. Enabling the AGG (Attack) feature would also quite nerf characters with horribly unsafe "pokes" like Bartz or Cecil since their framedata is horrible for building Assist. By disabling this, those same characters are made more viable because they no longer whiff an unsafe poke as a necessity just to keep up with the rest of the cast. In the future, if Hollowed himself ever returns or there is a solid-enough change in circumstances that warrants changes to the ruleset, I will update the ruleset itself. But only if the changes can be made with absolute 100% certainty. Also, everyone should please post all your inquiries here in this thread. This is to prevent messy clutter on the ruleset page. 🙂
  7. Ruleset thread: http://community.dissidia.wiki/topic/570-white-lotus-a-ruleset-co-created-by-syshollowed/ Feedback, civil discussion, questions, miscellaneous stuff, humor, etc pertaining to that thread welcomed here.
  8. DISCLAIMER: The actual ruleset is past the 3rd "_____________________" all the way below. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A short overview of the history behind this ruleset's creation, recounted from memory... _______________________________________ Overview: On the surface, when you look at the final product, it is just an in-game change of values and a series of Ability bans, Equipment bans and a purposeful x3.1 Booster multiplier limit garnered after countless hours upon hours of discussion and debate. Heck, you could compare this to how the Street Fighter series had its own fair share of remixes / revisions / Editions / Arcade Editions etc. and changes in gameplay balance / mechanics. But instead of summarizing and trying to explain how the average match with this ruleset actually feels, I will say this: I am an absolutely firm believer of showing instead of telling. Thus, on the basis of that statement, I cordially invite you to try it. In fact, I fervently encourage you to do so. Perhaps the DFF veterans may quite enjoy how this version of the game feels. And without further ado, here it is. _______________________________________ Ruleset: White Lotus Your Booster multiplier limit CANNOT be greater than x 3.1. Your Base BRV CANNOT be greater than 1250. ~Equipment/Accessory Banlist~ ANYTHING that has the effect of: EX / AST Depletion Initial BRV, Initial EX, and/or Initial AST EXP boosts Regen BRV Recovery+% BRV Boost on Stage Destruction BRV / EX / AST Iai Strike EXR Duration boosts EX Core Appearance boosts ~Accessories.~ Side by Side Safety Bit Muscle Belt Earring Battle Ring Rebellious Soul Glutton Close to You Breakable accessories x1.4 boosters x1.5 boosters Level Gap >= _________ boosters. Soul of Yamato (Genji set) Snowpetal set Piggy's Stick Thornlet ~Ability bans~ Assist Gauge Up Dash. Achy / Achy+ Concentration / + / ++. Snooze and Lose. Riposte. Disable Counterattack. Disable Sneakattack. You may equip Counterattack or Sneak Attack, but you may ONLY have one of either. ~Ruleset Parameter changes~ Critical Damage = 110 Wallrush Damage = 35% Assist Gauge Charge (Attack) = 0 Assist Gauge Charge (Hit) = 120 EX Revenge Duration = 3 Seconds EX Damage from Assist Attack = 200 ~ Fin. ~ The only gameplay videos of the most up-to-date version of the ruleset from about 5 years ago: Sys Vs. Spyder and Hollowed Sys Vs. Hollowed Bo3 I would like to give my special thanks and credits to... P. S. Achy / Achy+ was banned because of the effect of Full Assist Charges. That being said, for those out there who use CWCheats in friendlies, there is a code that disables Assist Charges by default as long as all connected players have that code active while fighting. Go figure. P. S.S. Some tips on attaining and maintaining an exact multiplier of x3.1 (or close to it) by the following: P. S.S.S. Here is a file link to a seperate Save Data containing the ruleset itself in the 2nd slot. It does not contain any pre-made builds for characters because that is ALOT of work. Maybe I'll do it later, I don't have enough time right now. Or you could make your own builds. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/6avwgz9n19f31/ULUS10566GameData01

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