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  1. Black Epsilon

    May I make some simple mod requests here?

    True, that would be better, I guess my complaining isn't really apart of the solution, but I've been at this for some time now. If I need help with something I don't try to annoy people. It takes time to explain such even to a complete newbie like myself, I'm still learning just from trail and error and tips from others honestly I never expected to get this far😊. And yeah I got my own model rig in the game...just a little wonky, lol it crashed but that's okay I'm close to doing it right, I'm not going to quit just because I fail and no one's going to "hold my hand" Sure I'll ask a question from now and then, simply because I'm not a pro and some of these people seem like they are, true they do get annoyed but it's equally just as bad to be completely ignored when there's hardly no interest or information on the internet and then we come here and get even more ignored. That's like being invisible. Dissidia forums is what inspired me to come here and learn such, you all rock at what you do and dissidia forums proved that. But here it just feels like I'm being an annoyance because I don't know what Im talking about. So instead of asking questions I stopped because it seems like it's a waste.
  2. Black Epsilon

    In case your wondering...

    It's not your fault things just happen you know, it's hard for some people, sure it is true that most of the people here don't give a flying bum but you can't blame yourself.
  3. Black Epsilon

    May I make some simple mod requests here?

    I thought I was the only one going through that shit! Lol not everyone knows how to mod but when you come here and ask for assistance everyone ignores you unless it's some kind of new mod your handing out or something they need, That's why I stopped asking for help here because some people here can get really annoyed by something I'm sure they could at least answer with little to NO difficulty. If the people here don't like non modders asking questions on how to make cool mods why not make some simple tutorials or stop showing off your ability to make mods else expect people who don't have experience in such to ask questions that's just normal. Lol they even correct you when helping someone else yet they never actually help you. At least the old dissidia fourms people actually made decent non lazy tutorials on how to do certain things, and people here can't hate my opinion all they want this is the internet if they don't like it get off.
  4. Black Epsilon

    Gameboy360's Workshop

    I was wondering who made the black wargreymon mod, lol but I could never find it😂
  5. Black Epsilon

    why is everything in .edats?

    I'm a newbie too, I know the file extension .edat can be renamed. gmo or .gim to help you also need a program like Noesis so you can view the gmo or gim. I'm going to try to explain it as best I can please excuse my english. When you have a mod thats files come in the format of a bunch of .edats sometimes you just have rename each files extension to Gim or Gmo. The names don't really matter only the file extension at the end of the name. Gmo = 3D model for the file. Gim = Texture Portrait for the file normal just a battle portrait 1cb13589.edat -You would change the file extension at the end of the name from edat to gmo the file would look like this now 1cb13589.gmo Or if your looking for the gim file 1cb13589.gim Once you've done that you can view the file now in Noesis. If the edat you changed was the actual model you will see it in Noesis. Same with the gim file only instead if a 3D model it should be the characters battle portrait for battle instead. Don't worry if you actually named the 1cb13589.edat file into a gmo and it showed a portrait instead, that just means you found your gim file first. Always remember you can simply rename the file extension back into a gim. I came to the conclusion only two edat files in a mod contain the 3D model and face portrait, after you find those two things, there you have it. You now can use these for the mod loader👍 I hope this helped you out.
  6. Black Epsilon

    Psa Animations

    How do create a Psa Animation file from a character then import the Psa Animation file into Milkshake? I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows how. Edit: Not surprised don't worry I figured it out.
  7. Black Epsilon

    Question about high resolution textures

    Cool thanks for the help👍
  8. Black Epsilon

    Modding Textures.

    I've been trying to make textures but my game freezes afterword and I have no clue why lol.
  9. Black Epsilon

    Question about high resolution textures

    Can textures with higher resolution freeze the game? Is that what poly count means? I'm in the process of learning.
  10. Black Epsilon

    Custom GMO tutorial

    Now I'm just playing around with it and seeing what works, doesn't really matter anymore. Also thanks✌️
  11. Black Epsilon

    Custom GMO tutorial

    I have a question, my custom model has a tail but there are no bones I can attach it to, is there a way to make some for it?
  12. Black Epsilon

    In case your wondering...

    Yeah if you came for anything involving information or help this isn't really the place for that, I remember there used to be guides on how to do most of the modding, like tutorials created by modders but most of that was on the old site. I still can't really believe it's gone. Most of this is really trial and error now, that's how I figured out how to mod the stages though I think I do it a little different than most so I still need practice on the subject it really all just takes time, I guess unless your like a professional or something you won't really care much about it. Plus again that stuff takes time so I'm sure they don't want to waste more of it on others explaining how to do most of this stuff. But then again it's a really old psp game too, there's probably not that many people who mod anymore? Idk. But I'm not really surprised or anything it's just mods.
  13. Black Epsilon

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Dissdia012 was something I played to pass the time, its pretty addictive actually and I also use most of the 3D models in games to practice body structure and poses for art, but I suck at modding. I figured I see what this community was all about.

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