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  1. Galenth Dysley: Shoot Type Ground BRV- Forward: Ultima- Place a globe of green light near you that explodes when an enemy touches it, dealing 450 BRV damage and knocking them back. Can Wall Rush. "You waste your time." Neutral: Ruin/Ruinra/Ruinga- Lob a Ruin projectile which explodes upon contact with a surface. The projectile deals 100/150/200 BRV damage and the explosion does 150/250/400 damage. "Yield!" Back: Mystic Aura- Channel for 1 second to increase your BRV damage by 20% for 10 seconds. "Perhaps, some of this?" Air BRV- Forward: Fire/Fira/Firaga- Shoot a slow Fire projectile which rapidly speeds up and homes in on its target, dealing 250/350/500 BRV damage. "Witness the power of a fal'Cie!" Neutral: Baptism in Ruin- Shoot 13 Ruin projectiles in a wide spray, each one dealing 75 BRV damage if they hit. "Submit!" Back: Magic Amplification- Channel for 1 second to increase the spell level of your next Fire, Poison, or Ruin by one. "I am most disappointed." Dash BRV- Poison/Poisonra/Poisonga- Summon two/three/four Poison projectiles near your target that close in on them, dealing 50 BRV damage each and an additional 100 BRV damage over 10 seconds, stacking. "You are ignorant of your place!" HP- (all involve summoning an apparition of Barthandelus) Thanatosian Smile- The apparition's face opens, sending forth a wave of lasers, dealing your current BRV as HP damage to all affected enemies. "You will taste agony!" Thanatosian Laughter- The apparition's face opens, sending forth several waves of energy, dealing 375 (75 per wave) BRV damage and then dealing your BRV as HP damage to all affected enemies. "You struggle in vain." Doom- Channel for 6 seconds on your target. Upon finishing the channel, instantly Break your target, splitting the Break Bonus between all members of your team and dealing your BRV as HP damage to your target. "I am the harbinger of death!" Destrudo- Channel for 5 seconds and consume a large area in front of you in magical energy, dealing 700 BRV damage and your BRV as HP damage to all affected enemies. "Witness my power... You will know true terror... Now you will bow to the fal'Cie!" EX Skill- The Power of a fal'Cie- For the next 15 seconds, use Baptism in Ruin (while in air) or Ruinga (while on ground) automatically whenever you use an HP attack. 50 second cooldown.

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