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  1. Coppola

    DDFF/Guide on Firion by Coppola

    Cloud_VII about Firion: "DAMN, I F***** HATE THOSE ARROWS" - rage quits after gettting hit by four arrows in a row RDF about Firion: "In arrows we trust" Strong Points Possibility of achieving the highest attack stat in the game Easy to land HP attacks Fast bravery with HP link attacks Have a dodge covering HP attack that punishes magic very well (Shield Bash) Almost omni range game Lance follow up (press down O after Lance Combo, Reel Axe or Rope Knife; it has mid priority and causes ground rush, perfect to cover a whiff and use assist if it lands afterwards, punishable too though) Weak Points Bad air game (if you don't count Straightarrow) Only Lord of Arms cover his head, that means, if the opponent spam things right above you, you will have some trouble Basic Actions Should Always be Equipped on Firion Ground Evasion Midair Evasion Ground Block Midair Block Aerial Recovery Recovery Attack Controlled Recovery Wall Jump Ground Dash (for ground assist build, good against characters that stay mostly in the air) Free Air Dash Free Air Dash Boost Assist Gauge Up Dash Speed Boost ++ Ground Evasion Boost (don't equip it against Sephiroth to make it easier to Shield Bash Shadow Flare, keep in mind when Sephiroth is right above you, it can break through the shield's magic using Hell's Gate and ending punishing you) Midair Evasion Boost Evasion Boost Descent Speed Boost Opitional Multi Air Slide (use it to escape opponent's attacks in the air and to control where you land - you don't want to be in the air as Firion if you don't have to) Basic Support Always Target Indicator EX Core Lock On Auto Assist Lock On (ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) Basic Extra Should Always Be Equipped on Firion Sneak Attack Counterattack Assist Critical Boost Disable Counterattack Exp to HP/Assist Opitional Precision Evasion Physical and/or Magic shield Back to the Wall Master Abilities that increase HP (Guardsman) or BRV (Machine, Protector, Best Dresser) Offensive Bravery Ground Attacks Lance Combo --> Double Trouble Rope Knife --> Double Trouble Swordslash (Reel Axe sucks) Air Attacks Swordslash Fire Thunder Offensive HP Ground Attacks Straightarrow Lord of Arms Shield Bash Air Attacks Straightarrow Weaponsmaster Techniques and Tips Straightarrow is assist punishable, BUT, if you charge a little further than the opponent expects you to, with the aid of Auto Assist Lock, you may hit the assist with arrow before you get punished! (don't abuse of it!) NEVER use Straightarrow if the opponent is near you and near death, you might give two assist bars for free Dash Feint and Swordslash are really good to build assist on the ground If the opponent is running away and building assist in the process, a good timing may let you hit the opponent with Straightarrow (abuse of Straightarrow against Ultemecia is the best thing you can do) Thunder spam may give you easy breaks after you get hit by an HP, Firion's magic is punishable, keep that in mind Fire can be good for three reasons: If you get lucky, the opponent will get hit by fire as you charge Straightarrow, an openning to release! It may give you assist charges if they hit the opponent by surprise while you have low hp or low bravery You can Shield Bash reflected fires!!! Using bravery moves and then Lord of Arms may punish some blocks Raw Weaponsmaster is bad It is hard to punish Double Trouble, you should risk some even if the opponent got one bar of assist. If the oppoent got two bars and you know he has a fast HP attack don't do it (for example, Sephiroth's Heaven's Light) Swordslash has a really short cooldown for attacking and blocking, its really safe on the ground Assist: Advantages and Techniques Kuja: On the ground you can land Swordslash (air) (with strict timing, you can actually hit with Swordslash twice) with ground rush AND Weaponsmaster after OR you can use Straightarrow with ground rush AND Weaponsmaster after In the air he lets you do one Weaponsmaster only Jecht On the ground you can land Straightarrow OR Lord of Arms OR Weaponsmaster In the air he has great punishing capabilities and he sends the opponent back to the ground letting you use Firion's most damaging attacks! (WARNING - stage dependent) Emperor: Thunder Crest is a nice ground barrier Builds The Arrow Build Notes: you may want to exchange Together as One with Dismay Shock against good ex builders such as Lightning The Hawkeye Build (If you feel you need more assist depletion against Side by Side users) The Wicked Anti-Exdeath Build (the first build works just fine as well) Notes: high bravery build for more damaging arrows, equip Best Dresser extra ability Credit to Kayarine for making this ilustrative guide: FIRION FOR DUMMIES

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