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  1. This bug will enable you to have any character equip any piece of equipment without using the CP of the "Gear" abilities. For example, with this method, anyone can equip the full Blood Set without using CP. To do so you need the following: - Hero's Spirit/Essence accessories (to boost CP) - The relevant "Gear" abilities (Thief's Gear, Cavalier's Gear, etc.) - The equipment you actually want to use on your characters. - Access to any part of the Labyrinth. Step-by-step guide: Boost the CP of the character you want to equip via accessories. Equip the needed "Gear" abilities to use the equipment of your choice. (Don't be afraid to remove abilities to make space for the "Gear" abilities) Outfit your character as you see fit. Enter the Labyrinth with a character OTHER than the ones you performed steps 1-3 on. The game will warn you about resetting the abilities of the CP boosted characters back to their default sets. Ignore this warning and continue to the Labyrinth. After you enter, choose the "EXIT" card. Adjust your abilities as you see fit. After you exit the Labyrinth, the game resets the abilities of the CP boosted characters, but it will NOT reset their equipment. Enjoy your equipment with free CP to use on other abilities. Faster method by "ujhbn": NOTE: Removing the equipment means you have to do the entire process again. Is is recommended that you make a separate SET for this if needed.

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