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Found 3 results

  1. Deraj8

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Time to recreate my thread, woo-hoo \o/ (It may be a bit messy while I try to work things out, so don't mind it in the beginning) Anyways, for people new to my work, I mainly work on model-imports for Dissidia 012, usually being costume mods. As such, I'll be using this thread to archive my mods. It'll take a little while to get set up again, so every mod I previously had up won't spring to life immediately. Model-Imports:
  2. osdanova

    Osdanova's old stuff

    Got all my stuff deleted from MEGA, so it'll take time, but I'll keep adding stuff when I upload it to MediaFire. DLC Slots You need a DLC floder (You google that), my slots and the mod's GMO/GIM files (I think the base model I used were manikins) You have all the names in the list sheet. Use as follows: Mods I'll be uploading the ones I liked the most, I made too many to upload ~.~ Also, images went missing too, so I'll be using YT videos from other people. Minerva (FF VII: Crisis Core) Over Warrior of Light. Ain't this one cool? Full Armor Jecht (Custom Jecht) Over Jecht (duh) Masters (KH BBS) Eraqus over WoL No Heart over Jecht No video, damn, I liked these two. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) Over Lightning. Changing armors 😄 Lingering will (KH2 FM) Over Cloud. With cape 😄 Ventus & Aqua (KH BBS) Ventus over Tidus. Aqua over Lightning. They get armor while on Ex-mode IIRC. Sir Daniel (Medievil) Over Firion. Gotta love the walking animation. Ragtime (FF 9) Over Kuja. Dark Thorn (KH2) Over Feral Chaos. Joker (Batman) Over Kefka. Kairi (KH2) Over Lightning. Maka (Soul Eater) Over Cloud. Somehow this one was super fun to play with. Master Chief (Halo) Over Laguna. Pack Aladdin (Aladdin) Aladdin over Tidus. Jafar over Emperor. Genie Jafar over Golbez (I think...) Young Xehanort (KH BBS) Over WoL. Cait Sith (FF VII) Over Shantotto.
  3. I would like to post an inquiry for information on modifying the data value for character costumes in replays. The only character model modifications that work online are reskins. This would help out those who want to use more advanced character mods such as those that add or subtract from the original polygonal count of the original 3 costumes or skins that fit in the reskin DLC slot.

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