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Found 2 results

  1. So, we presumably have 20 new characters to look forward to, of which Ramza has already been announced. Who can we expect to join the fray? I'm thinking a blue mage character (Quistis, Quina, Kimahri) has a high chance of getting in, because their skill sets are quite unique. There has to be one blue mage in the 20-character expansion of the roster, it only makes sense. As for characters themselves, I see Edgar, Shadow and Vincent as the best possible additions as far as utility goes. They would have really unique and fun skill sets. I mean, crossbow? Drill? How awesome would that be?! Shadow could combine close-quarter attacks and mid-range item throws while being agile. Vincent as the second gunner isn't the most innovative idea but he already had an action game of his own so there's a lot to draw for him from there. While Laguna was more strategic, Vincent could be an offensive gunner. Those three are my suggestions as for the best contribution to the roster variety-wise. Characters whom I think are highly likely to be in (popular or storywise logical) are Edge, Faris, Celes, Cid, Vincent, Rinoa, Seifer, Vivi, Auron, Ashe, Caius.
  2. On the stream aired today they showed off some battles from which I found two things to be worth pointing out: 1) There can be multiple of the same characters in battle I mean, thinking about it now, it makes sense because there would be clashes between people wanting to use the same character. Some people prefer to play with their favorite character and they won't settle for anything less so this feature had to be in. Still! 6 Sephiroths? 6 Shantottos? That's insane. 2) There's one summon per team and the summoning is a big deal The animation and the presence of a summoned beast itself is epic. Not the FFXV-scale epic, but pretty big anyway.

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