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Found 2 results

  1. Hiro toyotomi

    Question and Possibly mod requests

    So is it possible to port a god eater oc or characters into dissidia 012 i do remember desvol doing it at one point in time on the old dissidiafourms site?
  2. Kira_Aotsuki

    Disappearing mods? (Mod soft limit)

    So I recently got into all these really cool mods after realizing I could emulate and mod this game on PC, and all you creators are astounding for so many of these keeping the game going. But the further I’ve gone, suddenly some of the mods I installed have vanished. Like I know every character has a max of 9 extra “dlc” slots and 255 “player ID” slots. And I’ve had no issues moving files into my GAME folder to add the dlc. But suddenly, as I added more, at least 2 mods I had already installed and even used just suddenly refuse to let me select them. I had found and installed 6 really cool Sephiroth things mods and used slot 6 at one point. Then when I installed more, that slot just stopped appearing in selection. And I’ve also tried reposting the files into the folder so I know they are still there So even if there are 255 ID slots, is there some sort of soft cap on costumes I don’t know about?

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