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how to change icons?

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hello everyone, sorry if I ask such a stupid question but I wanted to know if there is a way to mod the icons of the game such as icons in the gallery using the dissidia modding suite because with the classic method of the emulator the result is not the best. Thank you and have a good day.

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On 7/29/2020 at 7:19 PM, scopion117 said:

hello everyone, sorry if I ask such a stupid question but I wanted to know if there is a way to mod the icons of the game such as icons in the gallery using the dissidia modding suite because with the classic method of the emulator the result is not the best. Thank you and have a good day.

for replacing the game original icons or others textures .GIM inside the .iso with your mod .GIM using Dissidia Modding Suite, you need to extract all original .GIM from the .iso using Deep Scanner to know the name of original .GIM you want to replace with your own mod .GIM and in the game find the texture you want replace then created the .png of all original .GIM inside the extracted .GIM folder and use photo viewer or Noesis to see and know which original .GIM you should replace then rename your mod .GIM to the name of the original icons or others textures .GIM you want replace then insert it into your .iso to replace it

1. So on Dissidia Modding Suite go to Deep Scanner tab


on Deep Scanner Direct Extraction "File types to search for" selection, keep the GIM extraction option and deselect other file extraction option then click on "Select Container file"


the file selector tab will appear, choose which .iso you going to use for the .GIM extraction and click on "Open"


after that click on "Select output folder" and choose the destination and folder for the extracted .GIM and click on "OK"


then click on "Start extraction" to extract all original .GIM files inside the .iso


and wait for Dissidia Modding Suite to finish the .GIM extraction


after the .GIM extraction is finish, the folder contain the all extracted .GIM will appear in the folder you choose for the .GIM extraction with the same name as your .iso


2. In the game find the texture you want replace


3. To replace No. 001: Warrior (FINAL FANSTASY I) texture .GIM and all other texture .GIM in the game with your own mod .GIM, first you need to know the name of the original .GIM then rename your mod .GIM to the name of the original .GIM, to know it, you need to created .png version of all GIM inside the extracted .GIM folder using Dissidia Modding Suite v0.66 BETA(v0.1.0 don't have this function so use v0.66 BETA for the conversion), to open it click on Dissidia Suite.exe inside Debug folder(bin\Debug):



on Dissidia Suite tab click on "Select destination folder for GIM's"


and select the extracted .GIM folder and click on "OK"


then click on "Convert all to PNG" to create .PNG version of all .GIM files inside the extracted .GIM folder


after the conversion is finish go inside the extracted .GIM folder then use photo viewer or Noesis to see and know which texture file you should rename your mod .GIM to


then rename your mod .GIM


to name of the original .GIM you want replace


after that go back to v0.1.0 and click on "Select host file", once again the file selector tab will appear, choose which .iso you going to use, this time it for the .iso modification then click on "Open"


and click on "Select injecting file" choose the rename mod .GIM and click on "Open"


then click on "INJECT!"(if your mod .GIM is bigger, select "Force injection" then click on "INJECT!") to replace the original .GIM inside the .iso with your mod .GIM


4. Now test the modified .iso and see the result


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      Please note your gmo size must not exceed 2.4mb

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