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Dengeki Online: Hayashi, this is the first time you’ve worked on a Final Fantasy title. As such, did you feel there were any points on which Square Enix would be particularly fixated?

There’s a massive fixation I felt surrounding character modeling. You’ll notice it if you’ve seen the newest trailer, but the character faces have changed somewhat since we showed the game off at JAEPO*.

*[Translator’s note: JAEPO = Japanese Amusement Expo, an event where many Japanese arcade games are revealed and shown off.]

I think we must have recreated Cloud’s face almost a hundred times. We even had fans [of Final Fantasy] in our company point out that "something’s off with this Cloud". I’m not hearing so much of that recently, so maybe even they are happy with the result. [Laughs]

There were also people within the company who joined mid-development because they learned about the project through the alpha version and expressed that they wanted to be part of development.

It’s proof positive that people each have their own emotional attachments to Final Fantasy. When talking to people from other companies, I’m often asked, "What makes Final FantasyFinal Fantasy?", and that’s a conversation that hardly ever goes well. [Smiles wryly]

It’s not like we have the answer to that ourselves. I’m pretty sure that conversation didn’t come up between Kujiraoka and Hayashi.


Final Fantasy certainly has a history behind it, so we have diehard fans even in the development team. So if we create something really off-base, naturally someone in the development team will call it out. Conversely, if no one says anything then you’ve probably at the very least crossed the low-bar [for making a Final Fantasy-ish Final Fantasy]

Not only is a fighting game studio co-developing the next Dissidia, helping with balance and mechanics, but they are also fans. That is huge! It means it's not just a project they're doing for work's sake, but that they care. We should expect great things to come out of this collaboration.

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I couldn’t agree more, having read the whole interview, I am happy to see that they intend to keep the Dissidia "feel" and some RPG features, all of this while having a balanced and competitive game. I really could not ask for more than those two things.

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