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Custom BGM DLC by Amyrakunejo

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So, I've figured this whole thing out, and soon will be offering custom BGM DLC packs.

Right now, I've not finished any sets, but I do have a few made.

I will share the song list with you:

Completed songs:

Edgar Winter Group - Free Ride (original version) (Currently attached to Kefka and Phantom Train) (audio ripped from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - Wii)

Living Colour - Cult of Personality (Re-Recorded version for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits) (Currently attached to Gilgamesh and M.S. Prima Vista)

Shinedown - Sound of Madness (Explicit) (Currently attached to Sephiroth and Planet's Core)

Metallica - Dyers' Eve (Explicit) (Currently attached to Cloud, Sephiroth and Planet's Core)

DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames (Currently attached to Warrior of Light, Chaos and Edge of Madness)

These next songs are from an RPG made with RPG Maker VX Ace, by the name Luxaren Allure, which is a Yuri game (and quite lovely).

In this order:

Luxaren Allure (heard at the title screen and in various parts of the game) (currently attached to all female protagonists as well as Order's Sanctuary)

NEW - Intensity (G Danger - I was able to loop it in Audacity but that did NOT carry over in the ATRAC conversion (or it may of been ignored by GoldWave)) (attached to all villains short of Golbez, Kuja and Chaos as well as all stages short of Lunar Subterrane, Crystal World, Order of Sanctuary, Crystal Tower, Phantom Train and M.S. Prima Vista)

Battle 1 (one of two standard battle BGM) (no attachments)

Battle 2 (no attachments)

Boss Battle 1 (one of three boss battle BGM) (no attachments)

Boss Battle 2 (no attachments)

Boss Battle 3 (no attachments)

Final Battle (the battle BGM heard whilst fighting the final boss of the game) (no attachments)

Castle Darkloft (a very ominous and eerie dungeon BGM that is also used as a cutscene BGM in various parts of the game usually involving the main antagonist) (Currently attached to Golbez, Exdeath, The Rift, and a couple others I don't remember off the top of my head)

A few songs that I am working on:

G Danger (still working on getting the ATRAC conversion to recognize the loop made in Audacity)

Scary Piano (in the works, still trying to get the tempos right)

Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back in Town (I would think this as a perfect group BGM for the grouping of Zidane/Squall/Bartz) (also, getting the original version for this)

America, F*ck Yeah (I like the movie, I like the song, fight me)

That's all for now. I'll update as I have packs available.

Edited by Amyrakunejo
Update v.0.01

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On 6/21/2017 at 8:07 AM, Haussenkraft said:

Are you accepting requests now?

I have some metal arranges I wanted in the game

Okay. Shoot.

However, as of the current moment, I cannot say when it will be done.

Also, if I do not have a certain song, I will require a link to it.

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FFXIII-2 - Paradigm Shift  -> 60aae949.edat -3,00 ok
FFXIII-2 - Last Hunter  -> 29a78ec4.edat -3,00 ok
FFXIII-2 - Limit Break  -> f2b02653.edat
FFXIII-2 - Crazy Chocobo  -> bbbd41de.edat
FFXIII-2 - Dash  -> 405e6aca.edat -6,00 ok
FFXIII-2 - Knight of the Goddess  -> 09530d47.edat -4,00 ok
FFXIII-2 - God of War  -> d244a5d0.edat -2,50 ok
LR:FFXIII - High Voltage  -> e2734686.edat -4,50 ok
LR:FFXIII - Savior of Souls  -> ab7e210b.edat -2,50 ok
LR:FFXIII - Crimson Blitz  -> 7069899c.edat -3,00 ok
CC:FFVII - Encounter  -> ddfd2b3e.edat
CC:FFVII - Last Order  -> 94f04cb3.edat -5,00 ok
CC:FFVII - A Beating Black Wing  -> 4fe7e424.edat
CC:FFVII - The Face of Lost Pride  -> 06ea83a9.edat
CC:FFVII - The Iron Beast  -> fd09a8bd.edat
CC:FFVII - The Summoned  -> b404cf30.edat
CC:FFVII - Truth Behind the Project  -> 6f1367a7.edat
CC:FFVII - The World's Enemy  -> 261e002a.edat
CC:FFVII - The Price of Freedom  -> 9c142c38.edat
FFT-0 - Pursuit  -> c18a54d3.edat -3,00 ok
FFT-0 - Wowl of the Dradnought  -> 8887335e.edat -3,00 ok
FFT-0 - The White Weapon   -> 53909bc9.edat -3,00 ok
FFT-0 - Vermilion Fire  -> 1a9dfc44.edat -3,00 ok
FFT-0 - Forbidden Fruit  -> e17ed750.edat -4,00 ok
KH - Night of Fate  -> e21942a2.edat
KH - To Our Surprise  -> ab14252f.edat
KH - Go for It!  -> 70038db8.edat -0,50 ok
KH - Arabian Dream  -> 390eea35.edat +0,30 ok
KH - Monstruos Monstro   -> c2edc121.edat -3,00 ok
KH - Pirate's Gingue  -> 8be0a6ac.edat -1,00 ok
KH - Scherzo Di Notte  -> 50f70e3b.edat
KH - Spooks of Halloween Town  -> 19fa69b6.edat
KH - The Deep End  -> a3f045a4.edat -1,50 ok
KH - Night on the Bald Mountain  -> eafd2229.edat
KH - Forze Del Male  -> 2e0c287d.edat -2,00 ok
KH - One Winged Angel  -> f51b80ea.edat
KHII - Sinister Shadows   -> e074ca87.edat +2,00 ok
KHII - The 13th Struggle  -> a979ad0a.edat
KHII - Working Together  -> 726e059d.edat
KHII - Desire for All That Is Lost   -> 3b636210.edat
KHII - Dance to the Death   -> c0804904.edat +2,00 ok
KHII - Fields of Honor  -> 898d2e89.edat +0,70 ok
KHII - What Lies Beneath  -> 529a861e.edat +1,50 ok
KHII - Old Friends, Old Rivals  -> 1b97e193.edat -2,80 ok
KHII - He's a Pirate  -> a19dcd81.edat -1,80 ok
KHII - The Encounter  -> e890aa0c.edat +0,50 ok
KHII - A Fight To The Death  -> 2c61a058.edat
KHII - The Corrupted   -> f77608cf.edat +0,50 ok
KHII - Deep Anxiety  -> be7b6f42.edat -1,00 ok
KHBbS - Future Masters  -> 2120198c.edat
KHBbS - Risky Romp  -> 682d7e01.edat
KHBbS - Castle Escapade  -> b33ad696.edat
KHBbS - Unforgettable  -> fa37b11b.edat
KHBbS - The Rustling Forest  -> 01d49a0f.edat
KHBbS - Up Down Adventure  -> 48d9fd82.edat
KHBbS - The Tumbling  -> 93ce5515.edat -3,50 ok
KHBbS - Mikaukau?  -> dac33298.edat
KHBbS - Destiny's Force  -> 60c91e8a.edat
KHBbS - Romby Rumble  -> 29c47907.edat
KHBbS - Vim and Vigor  -> ed357353.edat
KHBbS - Enter the Darkness  -> 3622dbc4.edat
KHBbS - Black Powder  -> 7f2fbc49.edat
KHBbS - Shrounding Dark Cloud  -> 84cc975d.edat
KHBbS - Range Awankened  -> cdc1f0d0.edat
KHBbS - Night of Tragedy  -> 16d65847.edat
KHBbS - Dismiss  -> 3a0814f4.edat
KHBbS - Forze dell'Oscurit   -> 73057379.edat
KH358/2 - Critical Drive  -> 9c77dbfb.edat +1,00 ok
KH358/2 - Tension Rising  -> bc835878.edat -1,50 ok
KH358/2 - Fight and Away  -> d57abc76.edat +1,50 ok
KH358/2 - Another Side  -> 0e6d14e1.edat -0,50 ok
KH358/2 - Vector to the Heavens  -> 4760736c.edat
KH3D - UTAMABLE  -> d519dfaa.edat
KH3D - Prankster's Party  -> 9c14b827.edat -2,00 ok
KH3D - All for One  -> 470310b0.edat -3,50 ok
KH3D - L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto  -> 0e0e773d.edat
KH3D - L'Impeto Oscuro  -> f5ed5c29.edat






Edited by RochaRipper

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