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[DDFF/Guide] Training Dash Feint and Blodge

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  • Standards: R is the block button, R+X the dodge input and R+T the dash input;
  • Useful Information: Moves have 4 types of cooldown, (for blocking, dodging, attacking again and dashing, some can coincide), learning them means knowing what your character can do and when;
  • What is Blodge? A dodge with block frames on the start, allowing you to try staggering opponents without taking a big risk (you stand still after a block and being punished for it gives the opponent 100% critical chance); You do it by pressing then a quick X, you will hear the block and dodge sounds combined;
  • Why doing blodge? Opponents won't dash in your face all the time if they know you can stagger them after you dodge. Very useful to cover moves with short cooldown for blocking (example: Cloud's Double Cut); To find out if a move has short cooldown for blocking or not is simple, you just keep pressing and check how much time has passed before you get a block;
  • What is Dash Feint? Its the act of cancelling dash with then pressing a quick allowing you to dash in place. Block makes you turn to your opponent so the same input can be applied to change the direction of your dash if it isnt appointing directly to him, can be used to punish dodges for example;
  • Why doing Dash Feint? With the Assist Gauge Up On Dash skill you will be able to build assist metter while being ready to move and hit your opponent, you don't create openings like whiffing+dodging method (not really opening for Prishe, but she is broken); More useful for characters with a really quick move and that needs to stay really close to hit (examples: Cloud, Tidus, Zidane);
  • Is this the key of winning? NO, knowing characters' cooldowns, what and when to do something is much more important. Besides, trying these tech without training enough makes your attempts become unnintended blocks so in the end you might LOSE EVEN FASTER;
  • How to train them? First you do it offline (unless you want to look stupid and lose faster), then you create a quest. Put Gabranth as your opponent with all his moves (like a normal build) then put Side By Side accessory on him so he can never hit with HP moves, choose The Rift stage to get the most space as possible. Gabranth's moves are slow so if you want to blodge an actual attack its easier to do on him, but you can always check if you are doing it right by hearing the block sound after a dodge;
  • Warning: the tech is harder to do with lag, but never impossible.
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