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How to promote the community

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It's easy to spam a link. Register wherever, post link, log out. That doesn't exactly look nice though, does it.

The proper path to healthy promotion and growth is in reality much harder, and it's located in content. The internet is the greatest source of information, so the best way to get out there is... to provide information. Winners in traffic and size are the ones who publish the earliest, the ones who publish in the most presentable, accessible ways and/or the ones who have the best credibility (reliability), known for being quality source of content and providing the complete range of data on a given subject.

Thus, it comes down to either speed or exclusivity. We aren't a news site so there's little need, and opportunity for that matter, to push in this direction. That leaves exclusivity; content that is only available in one particular location, presented in a unique, user-friendly way. Whether that's videos or written articles, content like guides (HUD explanation, how to play, how to get better, character-specific guidelines, optimal setups, advanced techniques) and data hubs (properties, frames, range, hitboxes, hurtboxes, matchups) are invaluable and by far the best way to grow a website.

We have a database that's expanding over time and I expect it to be prime source of traffic one day. Most of it will be replicated onto the wiki as well when the time comes.

So, what can you do? You can just spread the word. It's fine—just don't make it look intrusive. If you want to be of substantial help though, there's a lot of data that needs to be migrated. Most of it will serve as an archive because we have an entirely new and different game on the way, but it will be great to have the PSP Dissidia data to look back at. Also, you never know in what way it may be useful.

Then there's Dissidia NT, which is nearly completely unexplored (at least on this side of the planet). So much content up for grabs. If you wanna be at the forefront of it, here's some ideas:

  • "A beginner's guide to DFFNT"
  • "A PSP player's guide to DFFNT, aka 'What changed?'"
  • "A guide to DFFNT's HUD"
  • a guide to DFFNT's main mechanics/battle objectives/character classes

Create useful, highly-sought content and slap a link to this site onto it—bam, success.

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