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Cycle 1: EU Phantom Train signups

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  • Ruleset: Official or AST-Centric with Emperor+Terra AST — only on agreement by both players
  • Rules: standard except Phantom Train only with additional bans on Golbez and Ultimecia (as both characters and assists)

Additional necessary information will be posted within a few days.

You must be from EU to sign up for this event. This is a limited seating tournament with 8 players maximum. If 8 players don't sign up, the cutoff is the first 4 signups. Whoever signs up first, gets the slot.

The event will start on July 15th, EU morning and must be completed by July 16th, EU evening. Do not sign up if you cannot commit. Sign up by simply posting your Discord and ingame name.

Winner of this tournament gets a slot at the final event. Anyone else may immediately sign up for the next one, for which the signups will open immediately after this event concludes.

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