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Music Mod | I require troubleshooting

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I need help with my music mod on Dissidia 012

my music won't show up when I put it in there


I tried to replace FFIV music, and the FFIV music was still there

I need help

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Hey buddy, i keep missing you on discord so i'll just guide you on how to replace DLC music files here.


  1. First (This has to be the first thing you do), you will need to download and install the .at3 codec, which can be found here: http://www.free-codecs.com/sony_atrac3_audio_codec_download.htm
  2. Once that is done, you need to download and install Goldwave (trial version, or buy the paid version if you want). You can find it by googling pretty easily 
  3. Now all you have to do is Edit the song however you want (If needed) in Goldwave and then save it as a .wav file with ATRAC3 132kbps in the attributes drop down box. (If you didn't do point 1 first, you can't do this)
  4. You will then need to download this program (GWAT3): http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=21988297122730264040
  5. Open GWAT3, then drag and drop your .wav Atrac3 132kbps music file into the GWAT3 field and click "goldwave". Just a note, it will only accept a .wav ATRAC3 132kbps file from Goldwave, otherwise it gives an error.
  6. Rename the music file that comes out to whatever DLC music you want to replace (Almost full list below). Just a note, you must rename the file extension as well (i.e. Music.at3 must be renamed to just 4bb1f666.edat, and not 4bb1f666.edat.at3)
  7. Go to where your PPSSPP is installed, then click on: memstick>PSP>GAME>ULUS10566 and drag and drop your renamed and edited music file, it should prompt you if you want to replace a file if done correctly. Simply confirm the replacement and you are done :)


If at any point you get stuck or something isn't working as it should, Just PM me here or on the Discord server and i'll try to get back to you ASAP, good luck with modding!


4bb1f666.edat (Airship - I) 
8c0b30f1.edat (Chaos Shrine - I) 
9af6a7e2.edat (Cornelia Castle - I) 
29b6d521.edat (Menu Screen - I) 
da12e97d.edat (Battle - I) 

e61c17e1.edat (Revival - II) 
535737ea.edat (The Princess' Seduction - II) 
399f5659.edat (Tower of the Magi - II) 

833b6402.edat (Good ol' Fellows - III) 
b9144d3a.edat (Forbidden Land - III) 
0b2cc72d.edat (Boundless Ocean - III) 

51c67fa1.edat (Within the Giant - IV) 
51f40b08.edat (Golbez, Clad in Dark - IV) 
48584508.edat (Final Battle - IV) 

ffa458be.edat (Evil Lord Exdeath - V) 
2c68d3d6.edat (The Dawn Warriors - V) 
233ba221.edat (Boss Battle - V) 

1fcd6bfc.edat (Magitek Research Facility - VI) 
2776e731.edat (Protect the Espers! - VI) 
0629d3b1.edat (Phantom Train - VI) 

529f7dea.edat (Electric De Chocobo - VII) 
e625b3fd.edat (Birth of a God - VII) 
a79ab68e.edat (Crazy Motorcycle - VII) 

642fd7c0.edat (Shuffle or Boogie - VIII) 
fd1674ca.edat (The Landing - VIII) 
72c23681.edat (Liberi Fatali - VIII)

2ec89b87.edat (Rose of May - IX) 
3e841330.edat (Swords of Fury - IX) 
603c36a9.edat (Hunter's Chance - IX) 

bc44fb24.edat (Assault - X)
2f356e6c.edat (Decisive Battle - X)
ec94cb0e.edat (Enemy Attack - X)

c2f19ff4.edat (Flash of Steel - XII) 
6cb07cc9.edat (Discord - XII) 
dd599254.edat (Respite - XII) 

7a021167.edat (Eidolons - XIII)
63bec712.edat (Chocobos of Cocoon - XIII) 
3f2954c7.edat (Eden Under Siege - XIII)
32c58d60.edat (Dust to Dust - XIII)
0f065616.edat (Fighting Fate - XIII)

Edited by TheEmden

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