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DFFNT Closed Beta Feedback

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The purpose of this topic is to know if I have not missed anything regarding the issues this beta had. I have already sent my feedback to the Square Enix Support Team. You will find it below if you are interested to see its content.


Hello there,

The most recent update concerning matchmaking has been successful : players found matches quickier (every 5 minutes or so). Also, it seemed that the distance between players did not affect the connexion, which means no latences (lag), provided that players use an Ethernet cable with an optic fiber for optimal connexion. So no matter how far people live from each other, as long as their internet connexion is fine then matches are lagless, and that is good news.

However, there are a few flaws regarding the matchmaking and the netcode. The internet connexion can be very bad if people use WiFi while playing, which makes matches run litterally frame by frame, to the point it becomes unplayable. There are also some cases where lag exists but is not as impactful as it can be when playing with WiFi players. It is still impactful enough to not be able to play properly because of imputs not being registered because of lag, and thus making the match not enjoyable to play for everyone.

As for the matchmaking, I find really disadvantageous the fact that players can't change their sets once they know the opponents they are facing along with which character they are currently using. Sets are made to add synergy to the friendly team, but they are especially made to counter the enemy team. There is a 10-second waiting time (roughly speaking) before the match begins, which gives us enough time to change sets if needed so once the 10 seconds are over then the match should begin anyway. It would be really appreciated to allow us to change sets according to the opponents' characters they are using. This is really an important part of the matchmaking as far as competitive play goes.

Moreover, what kind of system are you thinking of as far as ragequitting is concerned? There were some people who left the game mid-match and I don't think someone loses points when doing that. I was unlucky enough to undergo a disconnection right when the victory screen appeared. It happened only once for me, though it will definitely be an issue if this is not solved. I think you are genuinely aware of this common problem when it comes to competitive matchmaking so I expect sanctions to happen, such as losing a lot of points or anything that can dissuade those kinds of behaviour to happen. It is also important to think of the consequences of such behaviours to players trying their best. If someone leaves before or during the match, will this player be replaced by an AI, which in that case nobody loses any points if it happens to be a loss, just like in the beta? The goal would be to punish only the one who is a nuisance to the competitive scene, and not make his team responsible for his acts.

There is also an interesting thing to point out. While using peer to peer hosting to connect players, it would be interesting to search for matches within a continent during 1 minute for example to see if there are players searching for a match at the same time, and once that minute exceeded, then the matchmaking should allow any player from any continent to search for a match on a worldwide scale. It would drastically decrease the waiting time in-between matches. Especially that anyone play at the time they want to play regardless of the continent they come from. I mean that most people play regardless of what time it is. Therefore, if an European plays at 5AM searching for an online match and does not encounter any other Europeans in a minute then the matchmaking will find players worldwide to play with and who play on different timezones. Thus, he avoids waiting for a longer time to find a match within his continent.

Ultimately, disconnections occurred a few times, be it on the menu screen or in the middle of a match. It is important to note that everybody experienced that issue. A message appeared, stating basically that the game stopped working. Still, restarting the game was enough to play again for a while. I wonder what caused those disconnections, was it because of new patch notes? Or something related to the netcode? There were no reasons given as to why disconnections were caused.

This should conclude my feedback about this beta.
Thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope I could be useful somehow.

Best wishes,



Do not hesitate to add things I may have forgotten to the Square Enix Support Team : http://sqex.to/MWF. This way this game will be better than ever!


P.S. : Hyne talked about a way of getting matches frenquently : "like if peer to peer hosting stays, it may be good for it mm to search within region for a minute before it goes outside". I found it to be interesting and gave my thoughts about it to the Support Team in the 5th paragraph.

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