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Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

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Hey there! The idea of creating a tournament came to my mind very late since many tournaments were ran at a decent pace. I got the idea of bringing something special to my tournament because I like variety, so why not hosting one for once?


Note: it is illegal to share a copy of the DDFF ISO here or on Discord so you have to find it by yourselves for those who do not possess it.

General Rules

*1-hit Chase rule: "If you chase after a chase BRV, it must be an empty chase, meaning you don't perform any additional chase attacks." However, you can perform as many chases as you want as long as you hit only once each time.

Tournament Format

This is a Major tournament, so you are not restricted to play on a specific day. However, once it starts I expect it to last for about one month and two weeks. I will see how it goes and extend it if necessary. I will give more details about this later on this topic.

More details on this format:

  1. Round Robin for non-veteran players as a first step. The goal is to have an accurate seeding of all participants in order to make fair brackets.
  2. Double Elimination once the seedings are made
  3. Best of 3 until Semi-Finals
  4. Winner's/Loser's Semi-Finals and Finals are Best of 5
  5. Grand Finals is Best of 7

Tournament Rules

  • Save ALL your matches and send the replays to me via DMs on Discord
  • Any rage-quitting behavior, be it "softly" (pressing Start > giving up the match) or "hardly" (closing the PPSSPP, etc.) will result in a disqualification from the tournament.
  • Coin flip is mandatory to determine who begins to pick a stage
  • Blindpicks on both sides

Specific Rules

  1. Match 1: both players start playing on Official ruleset. A coin flip is necessary to decide on a stage selection. The winner of the coin flip picks a stage.
  2. Both players then send a private message with their character pick to a Tournament Organizer
  3. The TO announces the characters chosen by the players
  4. Match 2: the loser of the previous match chooses the ruleset. The winner chooses the stage. After that both players send their character picks to the TO (blindpicks still applies).
  5. Match 3: same process as match 2

List of allowed stages:

  • Old Chaos Shrine
  • Pandemonium
  • World of Darkness
  • Lunar Subterrane
  • Kefka's Tower
  • Planet's Core
  • Ultimecia's Castle
  • Crystal World
  • Dream's End
  • Order's Sanctuary
  • Edge of Madness
  • Empyreal Paradox
  • Sky Fortress Bahamut
  • Orphan's Cradle
  • Pandemonium - Top Floor
  • Crystal Tower
  • Prima Vista

List of available rulesets:

Keep in mind that you do not need to use your main savefile to play on DC Ranked or Dissidence V4, everything is set up on these savefiles provided above.

Match Scheduling

Round Robin phase must be done before proceeding to the Double Elimination phase. In other words, all concerned participants must play everyone once. This phase is made for players who lack tournament background - that way I will be able to make fair brackets afterwards. Double Elimination phase: once you know who you are facing on your next match, make sure to contact your opponent publicly or via private messages to schedule a match and come to an agreement. Round 1 must be completed within a week. Nevertheless, players on the Winner's Bracket shall get more time to schedule their matches since this path is shorter than the Loser's Bracket. Consider this as a favor for accessing and staying in Winner's. Extensions can be granted only if you give a valuable reason.


If you can play your matches early, please do not hesitate to do so. This would make the management of the tournament easier. Also, make sure to have ready builds before doing your matches to avoid any waste of time. Although you have ready builds on the DC Ranked & Dissidence V4 savefiles, you still can customize each character's skills to your liking as skill builds are personal. However be careful to pay attention to the rules of these rulesets linked above.

Sign Up Format

Discord Name:

IG Name:

Timezone: (please use GMT)

Tournament Organizers

Those who are not interested in participating in my tournament but want to be a Tournament Organizer are welcomed. Be it staff members or simple members of the community, anyone is appreciated. Thank you.


I offer 20 US Dollars to the winner via PayPal. He will also earn the Legacy Champion tag. All participants will earn the Legacy Player tag at the end of the tournament.

Deadline & Start date

The sign ups will be closed on Friday, the 27th of October at 8AM GMT (London time). As for the start date, it will begin on Saturday, October 28th at 8PM GMT onwards. Be sure to make all preparations (builds, connection, etc) and please be on time, at least one hour before the tournament begins. It will prevent any unnecessary delay. Thank you.

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Edit : Gotta drop out :( 

Not a good enough  connection for now, I'll come back some other time.

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