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[DDFF] A.I. Only Accesories (Hacked)

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- Credit to KraidĀ for posting the original thread on dissidiaforums. -

These Items are hacked and should not be used.


  • Door to Despair
  • Tyranny of Darkness
  • Ruthless Atrocity


  • HP = 1 (4x)
  • No BRV Damage (3x)
  • Near Opponent (2x)
  • Far from Opponent (3x)
  • After 15 Seconds
  • After 30 Seconds (1.5x)
  • After 45 Seconds
  • After 60 Seconds
  • After 90 Seconds
  • Wakening Darkness


  • Frail Life
  • Havoc Soul
  • The Rotten
  • The Derelict
  • Soul of the Craven
  • Soul of the Destroyer
  • Soul of the Sovereign
  • Puppeteer's Wheel
  • Troubled Soul
  • Perpetual Discord
  • Eternal Discord
  • Endless Despair
  • Cursed Ring

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Will add Qu Bia accesories too as they are Labyrinth only aka OG only usable inside Labyrinth mode and no were else.

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