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Rise and Fall - Conclusion

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Hi everyone, I want to thank all participants to have been part of my tournament which was the last one before DFFNT. Without you, I would not have been able to organize this event at all, so thank you very much. Special thanks to TheEmden, Dart and JT who gave me suggestions on how to improve some aspects of the tournament rules. I also want to thank Djqubi and everyone else who were available to TO the sets, I really appreciated the support.

And of course, congratulations to the winner of the tournament, Ultimaweapon! Your dedication to the game is really impressive and I can see clearly that you worked very hard to be at that level of play. Now, for the 2nd place. Congratulations to Dart as well, you definitely gave Ultima a run for his money with that Cloud gameplay of yours. Your Cloud is on the top, and everyone can vouch for that, so you can be proud of you. Also great run Kewldude, despite the fact that you were not often active on the DDFF scene in 2016-2017 you remained solid and managed to win against dedicated players to earn that 3rd place, so congratulations too.

With that said, DDFF comes now to an end, and will give birth to a new era, the DFFNT era! 

You can watch the final results of the tournament on the link below:


Feel free to tell me what you have thought about the tournament, for instance your experience, the rules, what were the positive sides, what were the negative ones, etc.

On a final note, thank you Hyne for allowing the community to thrive!

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Thank you Joy for this tournament.

Thank you to all players for participating.

I have immense respect for all of you, to have still played this old, faulty game until this day; to have pushed it to its absolute limits; to have discovered techniques which I don't think even devs knew were possible. You guys are amazing.

Here's to Rise and Fall, and may New Tale give us an even grander time.

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