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Introducing: Trophies

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Come January 1st, 2018, all users with certain accomplishments will have trophies applied to their author pane (post sidebar).

These trophies will work as "unlockables," meaning when a user obtains multiple of them, they'll be able to choose which one they want to have on their author pane. Furthermore, the trophies will display the list of accomplishments when hovered over.

These are the current trophies and their requirements:

chesspiece-1.png — First place in a major tournament

chesspiece-3.png — Second or third place in a major tournament

chesspiece-crystal.png — Crystal rank in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade or Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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So if I'm reading this right, does that mean you could unlock multiples of each one trophy (i.e. having two of that Crystal Rank one for having two characters at Crystal) or just that you can grab all three?

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