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DFFNT The Nameless Illusionist: Hypnatica

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Name: TBA: Nameless Illusionist edit: Hypnatica (hip-na-t-ka) real name unknown.

Sex: Female

Age: Early 40s

Type: specialist

Weapon: chain whip/ pendulum

Alliance: Spiritus 

Bios: the founder a leader of an mercenary assassin group known as Insomniac. The source Hypnatica has taught her peons to kill their victims through their dreams by invading their dreamspace and destroying it. She also commands the powers of the shade relam creating illusions and manipulating the minds of her foes. She seeks to destroy the waking time by eliminating it's core at the heart of the dreamtime, she will destroy every dream space one by one if she has too, even the majority of her subjects are unaware of her true motives All in the name of the god she serves, the pendulum she carries is shaped in the sigil of her lord.


Play style summary: being a Sorceress allied with  the shade relam Hypnatica is a master Illusionist and specializes in debuffing her opponents and mind games. Using her pet dream demon the Phantasm, and her whip like pendulum Her kit centers around taking control away from opponents and through confusion at the enemy team to break enemy formation.

Pros: great disruptor type character, good for sadistic play styles, can be a good zoner

Cons: lack of mobility, some moves lock her in place, poor offensive options

Unique trait: After image- whenever Hypnatica dodges using side step it creates an after image of her that acts as a mine. Anyone who touches it takes bravery damage and gains an darkness debuff after image last for 4 seconds

Ground bravery attacks 

   Neutral-Nightmare Whip

        Description: three hit melee combo that does brave damage, AOE: cone shaper, Range short-mid range, dodge cancelable additional notes: whip does more damage the closer the foe is to the tip. Final hit deals attack debuff by 10 percent for 15 sec. locked in place

   Forward- Phantasm of Greed 

    Description: summons a phantasma demon in front of her that attacks up to three times in wide horizontal attacks that deal bravery damage and moves forward with every strike, final strike deals a debuff that slowly drains bravery for 5 sec.  Dodge cancelable. Additional notes: phantasma has super armor but can be destroyed, can be interrupted if Hypnatica is attacked or force to dodge, wall rush. Last for 5 seconds after each attack disappears after third attack but can switch targets depending on who you lock on to.


   Backward- Song of dissonance

    Description: Hypnatica becomes stationary and swings her pendulum in Circle aoe above her head, creating a dome aoe that flips the controls on any enemy who enters it. Hold down button to extend range and AOE size. (Does no brave damage, dodge cancelable. Debuff last until enemies leave the for, attack Hypnatica or force her to dodge.


Neutral- Condescending whip

Description: swings the pendulum in wide diagonal strokes to deal brave damage. Damage increases the close to the tip of the whip the opponent it. Final hit decreases defense stat by 10 percent for 10 seconds dodge cancelable. Locked in place

Forward- Phantasm of Sloth 

Description- summons phantasma demon  to attack similarly to ground version but deals a debuff that decrease stamina recharge rate for 10 seconds on final hit dodge cancelable, wall rush, last 5 seconds after each attack and can switch targets.

Backward-  shroud of the heretic 

Deal no brave damage but turns Hypnatica invisible for 5 seconds

Dash- Phantasm of Malice

Quickly summons phantasma demon to charge and explode on target in a short distance in front of her. Resulting explosion deals brave damage causes a debuff that forces the enemy to lock on to a friendly party member for 3 seconds. Wall rush

Ex skill Negative Zone

Creates a global AOE (or Sephiroth size aoe) enemies inside the aoe are randomly targeted by phantasms that appear near them, while their attacks deal no brave damage they do deal random universal debuffing ( stamina break, defense break, attack break, bind, poison, darkness, confusion etc) skill last or ten seconds

HP attacks

Phantasmal Killer 

Summons Phantasm to disappear and reappear behind opponent and strike, can be charged up to three times for three different attacks by the phantasm (kinda like kefka trine).

Phantasma of Wrath 

Summons Phantasm to spin it's claws in a large sphere aoe that deals brave damage before hp attack, note: can be combo into by forward ground/aerial

Shade cloak 

Cloaks herself in a black aura, if attacked opponent takes Hp damage and gets darkness debuff

Bitter Dreams.

Launches a long range wave attack of screaming spirits at the enemy.



   Entrance: Witness the stuff of Nightmares. Your dreams are but fodder for the one god. Obey and you can sleep soundly

Victory: one more dream turned to dust.

Defeat: how could this dream be so powerful that it overshadowed mine!?

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