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Story analysis in relation to season pass

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So I went through the cutscenes and here are my notes:

  1. Noctis, Lightning, Warrior of Light
  2. Shantotto, Kefka, Cloud of Darkness, Sephiroth
  3. Firion, Cecil, Zidane
  4. Y'shtola, Squall
  5. - Bartz missing
  6. Firion, Tidus, Shantotto
  7. Vaan, Cloud, Onion Knight, Y'shtola
  8. Warrior of Light, Noctis, Cecil
  9. Zidane, Lightning, Terra, Squall
  10. Shantotto, Firion, Tidus, Exdeath, Kefka
  11. Kefka, Tidus, Exdeath, Ultimecia, Firion, Shantotto, (Jecht)
  12. Tidus, Firion, Jecht, Exdeath, Kefka, (Ultimecia)
  13. Firion, Kefka, Tidus, Ultimecia, Exdeath, Jecht
  14. Bartz, Exdeath, Cloud, Sephiroth
  15. Sephiroth, Exdeath, Cloud, Bartz
  16. Bartz, Cloud
  17. Bartz, Cloud, Shantotto
  18. Y'shtola, Onion Knight, Vaan
  19. Kefka, Vaan, Y'shtola, Onion Knight
  20. Kefka, Vaan, Y'shtola, Onion Knight
  21. Terra, Zidane, Squall, Lightning
  22. Terra, Zidane
  23. Zidane, Terra, Emperor, Sephiroth, Kuja
  24. Zidane, Terra, Emperor, Sephiroth, Kuja
  25. Zidane, Terra, Kuja
  26. Zidane, Kuja, Terra
  27. Terra, Kuja, Zidane
  28. Noctis, Cecil, Warrior of Light
  29. Warrior of Light, Cecil, Noctis
  30. Cecil, Noctis, Warrior of Light, Garland
  31. Warror of Light, Garland, Noctis, Cecil
  32. Bartz, Cloud, Shantotto, Cloud of Darkness, Warrior of Light, (Noctis, Cecil, Golbez, Garland)
  33. Vaan, Onion Knight, Y'shtola, Zidane, Terra, Lightning, (Squall)
  34. (everyone)


  • Bartz doesn't appear in the scene with all Materia warriors
  • Golbez doesn't appear at all until the end
  • Cloud of Darkness appears in the beginning and at the end
  • No Kain, Ace, Ramza
  • Shantotto is very dominant in the scenes she appears in
  • Characters who don't change parties: Noctis, Warrior of Light, Bartz, Cloud, Terra, Onion Knight, Vaan
  • Characters who don't reunite with the collective until the very end: Firion, Tidus


  • Bartz is the only one missing from the first collective scene → FF5 could get a character (who the heck would it be though, Galuf? It's supposed to be a new character so it can't be Gilgamesh)
  • Lightning and Squall split from others to be absent for quite a while → FF8 and/or FF13 could get a character, probably villain
  • Tidus is obviously absent after a point → Yuna seems guaranteed
  • Firion is suspiciously absent after the beginning
  • Shantotto, although dominant, does change party, thus giving at least a small likelihood to an FF11 character

Guess on the origin of DLC characters based on the notes:

  • Final Fantasy II / Final Fantasy V
  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Final Fantasy XIII

This, of course, assumes that characters who are absent interact with their original game party members. If that's not the case, the guesses can go wild. I definitely find it weird that the only pre-FFVII character would be from FFV — and not from actual, most popular, FFVII. But I am completely sure that Bartz interacts with a new character; followed by Firion, Cloud, Shantotto, Lightning and Squall, for whom I am fairly certain that they interact with new characters.

Sure, they could interact with Kain, Golbez, Ace and Ramza, but that would and should have been in the base game, so I won't count on it personally.

Dead tired so I could've missed something crucial... I'll review and revise if I find another time for this kinda sidequest.

So, (sorta) wild guess:

  1. Vayne
  2. Minwu or Locke
  3. Lilith or Lilisette
  4. Caius
  5. Yuna
  6. Zenos
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Yeah, I don't think the characters that didn't get much screentime will necessarily interact with characters from the same game.


That would virtually guarantee another FFIV character, since Golbez had the least screentime out of the entire base roster, and FFIV is the only game that already has 3 characters in the game, so I don't see that happening. But yeah, there's some cases where it may happen. Lightning and Squall could definitely be facing a FFXIII villain when the two of them disappear for a while.

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This is some great analysis.



I'm sure they said characters who don't appear much in the main story don't because they are going to have interaction with the DLC characters, I'm sure it also said they had relationships with these characters. It'll be interesting to see who they are.


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