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Lessons from 3mo JP ver

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So I planned to write this for quite a while, but now with the global version announcement I really need to. :ShanLUL:

Anyway, I've been playing for a while now and been thinking of the approach I should take when the global version hits. As I played and invested into a fair number of meta characters, I couldn't help but think there will come a point I won't be able to keep up (f2p btw). I'm still fine and will be for a while because the characters I went with will be very strong for quite a long time.

Regardless, I keep feeling that the best way to approach this game in a more casual way is to stick to a theme and persevere in that. Your theme could be your dream party, or better yet, your favorite game. Favorite dream party is a shorter venture than an entire game, because once you're done with it, you can do whatever (and probably be dragged into metagaming).

Taking a whole game as the theme is a great long-term goal and I recommend it to any casual player not looking to spend a lot (or any) money.

Example: I'm probably going to have two accounts; one exclusively dedicated to FFVIII, and the other to whatever (meta or non-FF8 characters I like). On the exclusive account, I won't be opening any packs from banners that don't feature an FFVIII character — not even the 50% off offers (when you do every half-off, it adds up after a while...).

Even the banners which will feature FFVIII I won't go all-in unless they have two or more characters from the game, as just one is a decent risk of not opening the desired item, or having to expend too much just for that one character.

Noticed that when I chased a character, I found myself having to spend between 25000-35000 gems when the luck wasn't on my side. 25k is probably going to be my top-end expense in global, unless it's my absolute favorite character in question (characters are re-featured from time to time so there's more than one chance to obtain their items, not to mention that subsequent features may provide them with a new weapon in addition to the old one, and extra copies beyond the initial four, that are required to max out an item, hurt quite a bit).

Patience and perseverance is key to f2p/lowspend. Don't get tempted and stay firm on your chosen path. That way you'll have the least amount of regret — maybe even none!


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Starting the game:

  • Warrior of Light is by far the best character out of the starting lineup of WoL, Vivi, Rem, for whom you are randomly given a free 5-star weapon. Depending on how long you will take to gear up another character, it may be worth it to re-roll the entire account to get his (WoL's) weapon specifically. His protecting ability can carry you far in the story mode.
  • Cloud is the second best Chapter 1 character; he's worth using even if you don't have his exclusive weapon. He's got guaranteed Chase initiation as well as Stun on his abilities.
  • As soon as you get out of Chapter 1 (tutorial), go into the daily crystal dungeon and spend all the battle stocks (each day a crystal dungeon of a different color is available and up to 10 battles, after that you need a moogle key which unlocks it for 30 minutes instead). Crystal dungeons are the best source of experience; they will get your party far above the level of early chapters, making the game a lot easier.
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