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[DDFF] In Depth Battle Mechanics

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-Credit to ujhbn for testing and posting the original thread on dissidiaforums, also thanks to Corde for testing dash and fall speeds-

Note: I am using 60fps for all frame data, i.e. 60F (60 frames) = 1 sec


Table of Contents:

  • Damage Formula
  • Attack Priority System
  • Ex related
  • Ability
  • Summon
  • Chase
  • Frames of ...
  • Character Movement Speed
  • Dash Speed
  • Fall Speed
  • Fall Speed Ratio after Dodge
  • Aerith Assist


Damage Formula

Character base damage X Skill damage multiplier X ( [1 OR Critical bonus] + Damage bonus from equips) ] = actual damage number on screen

[ ] = round down to nearest integer, i.e decimals are dropped

When your ATK is lower than enemy's DEF:

Character base damage = (10 ÷ ((enemy DEF- your ATK)+10)) x enemy's raw BRV ÷100 

When your ATK is higher than enemy's DEF:

Character base damage = (((your ATK - enemy DEF)+10) ÷ 10) x enemy's raw BRV ÷ 100

*raw BRV = BRV without any equipment/accessory, i.e. always 667 for Lv100

Skill damage multiplier relates to the power of the skills. 

These numbers can be found in the info thread in each character's individual subforum.

Critical bonus = (enemy's current BRV ÷ Your MAX HP) x 7 [min cap 2, max cap 8]
Example, If your MAX HP = 6999, your crits do 2x normal damage when enemy has under 2000 BRV, starts to do more when they get higher BRV, and finally caps at 8x damage when enemy is at 7999+ BRV.


Attack Priority System

Melee attack = attacker will be staggered when blocked
Ranged attack = attacker will not be staggered when blocked
In general, higher priority beats lower, Melee beats Ranged if same priority.

Ranged attack, Melee attack with Low priority -- most Brv attacks
Ranged attack, Melee attack with Mid priority -- cause stagger on normal R block
Ranged attack, Melee attack with High priority -- cause Guard Crush on normal R block, most HP attacks
Special -- Special case of ranged attacks, can not be blocked, but dies to attacks and dashes
Unblockable -- does not collide/touch other attacks/blocks at all.
Dash -- include Quickmoves and any dashes
Block Low priority -- attacks with magic guard such as Fated Circle, Dark Cannon, WoL and Tidus' Ex mode bonus
Block Mid priority -- Normal R block, Shield of Light, Delta Attack, Shield Bash etc
Block Mid* priority -- Normal R block with Precision Block activated
Block High priority -- [Wrath] Particle Beam, EX Mode (SW) Sword & Shield, Deus Iratus.
Block Highest priority -- Omni Block, Charged Knight's Spear, Lv2 Assist Change


 = (win) cause stagger/guard crush on opponent's melee hits/block, reflect opponent's projectile
 = (draw) weapon clash on melee hits, projectiles deflect (target not change)
 = (lose) opposite to O
 = (stagger) both stagger, reflect projectile (target change)
- = (ignore) if both are ranged attacks, they passes through each other (eg, two Emperor's Flares); if either is a melee attack or block, the ranged one wins


EX related

Tested with Force Begets Courage: (obviously in default rule set)
Each Ex force = 3
a raw Ex core = 150

A Full Ex bar requires: 

  • 1000 EX-Orbs

Standard EX Mode duration: = 20 sec

  • This is the base time and all the +/- %duration are based on this. i.e. every 5% duration = 1sec

EX Core spawning location no longer relates to LUK.

  • It now has 25% chance to spawn at a place close to both players, and 75% chance to spawn at a place far from both players.

The "increase defense after being EX bursted" bug is fixed.

+Damage% does affect EX Burst damage, but all boosters are ignored.



  • Air Dash Boost: Air Dash, Reverse Air Dash 4% speed up.
  • Free Air Dash Boost: Free Air Dash, Omni Air Dash 8% speed up.
  • Speed Boost/+/++: 8/16/24% movement speed up.
  • Jump Boost/+/++: 10/20/30% increase of jump height.
  • Ground/Midair Evasion Boost: increase dodge distance by 2m.
  • Evasion Boost: Doubles invincible time of Dodge, from normally 20F to 40F.


  • Precision Block: activates when blocking an attack during the first 4 Frames, increase the priority of the Block, see above priority list.
  • Precision Evasion: activates when dodging an attack during the first 4 Frames, extends invincible frames to the end of dodge.
  • Concentration/+/++: activates when doing nothing for 5 sec, gains 10/30/50% of raw BRV every 1.67sec (100F).
  • Snooze and Lose: activates when opponent does not attack for 5 sec, opponent loses 30% of raw BRV every 1.67sec (100F).
  • Achy/+: Near Death status becomes "HP under 26/31% of Max HP". (Normally it is 21%).
  • Perseverance: 20% chance of -95% BRV Wall Rush damage taken. 

The following abilities increase Critical Rate by 100% when activated:

  • First Strike, Gambler's Spirit

The following abilities increase Critical Rate by 50% when activated:

  • Counterattack, Sneak Attack, EX Critical Boost, Cat Nip, Back to the Wall, Anti-EX

The following abilities increase Critical Rate by 25% when activated:

  • Riposte, Spite, Fragile Pride, Assist Critical Boost

EXP to HP/BRV : converts 5% of EXP to HP/BRV
EXP to EX : converts 0.5% of EXP to EX (1000 unit for a full EX bar, i.e. 200,000 EXP > full EX)
EXP to Assist : converts 3% of EXP to Assist (1000 unit for 1 slot, i.e, 66,666 EXP > 2 slots)

Interesting Note:

  • Omni Air Dash+ also allows you to turn during Multi Air Slide.



Summon Duration in seconds (duration in old game for comparison)
Shiva (M/A) = 15/10 (20/13)
Ramuh (M/A) = 50/30 (50/33)
Demon Wall (M/A) = 15/10 (50/33)
Magus Sister (M/A) = 50/30 (50/33)
Phoenix (M/A) = 30/20 (50/33)
Alexander (M/A) = 10/15 (25/16)
Leviathan (M/A) = 30 (50/33)
Bahamut (M/A) = 20 (50/33)
Mandragora = 50 (50)
Bomb = 10 (10)
Ausra (Summon Lock) = 75 (75)
Titan = 10 (50)
Atomos = 10 (absorb Double BRV) (50)
Iron Giant = 50 (50)
Tonberry = 25 (25)
Malboro = 30 (50)
Ultros = 120 (75)
Behemoth = 50sec, -60Brv/sec, Total -3000 (50sec, -60Brv/sec, Total -3000)
Pupu = 50sec, +60Brv/sec, Total +3000 (50sec, +60Brv/sec, Total +3000)
Lich = activation time 15 (20)
Marilith = activation time 5, lock duration 15 (20,30)
Kraken = activation time 15 (20)
Tiamat = activation time 20 (20)
Cagnazzo = lock duration 20 (30)
Ultima Weapon = 50 (50)
Omega = 13 (13)
Ultima, the High Seraph = 50
Brynhildr = 50
Land Worm = 30

Some facts:
Leviathan (Manual/Auto) 
30sec, (-66/-50)Brv/sec, Total (-1980/-1500) 
(50/33)sec (-40/-20)Brv/sec Total (-2000/-660)

Bahamut (Manual/Auto) 
20sec, (+99/+75)Brv/sec, Total (+1980/+1500) 
(50/33)sec (+40/+20)Brv/sec Total (+2000/+660)

50sec, -60Brv/sec, Total -3000 
(50sec, -60Brv/sec, Total -3000)

50sec, +60Brv/sec, Total +3000 
(50sec, +60Brv/sec, Total +3000)

Zalera, the Death Seraph
It will miss when force activated by Asura.



Brv attack:

Damage multiplier = 30
Magical = Shantotto, Golbez, Kefka, Kuja.
Physical = others.

Note: Prishe is the only character that does different types depending on input, ^+O or v+O = Magical, Neutral+O = Physical.

Brv attack lands on opponent at 19F after input, HP at 61F.

Brv attack produce 60 EX force, HP produce 75 EX force.


Frames Of..

Block Frames 1F~38F, end 52F
First 5F can be cancelled into dodge (Blodge) or dash (Block-Dash).

Stagger (when blocked or weapon clash)
Duration ~100F, Dodge cancel-able 85F


Air Dodge (Any) and Ground Dodge (Neutral/Backward)

  • Dodge Frame 1F~20F, Attack cancel-able 29F, end 56F

Ground Dodge (Side)

  • Dodge Frame 1F~20F, Attack cancel-able 43F, end 56F

Ground Dodge (Front)

  • Dodge Frame 1F~20F, Attack cancel-able 41F, Dodge/Block cancel-able 57F, end 78F.

Landing Lag = 16F

Recovery from Wall Rush:

  • Ground Rush: Invincible 1F~88F, Cancel-able 71F, end 123F
  • Wall or Ceiling Rush: Invincible 1F~72F, Cancel-able 71F, end 73F

Cancel-able here includes: attack, dash, movement, block.

Aerial Recovery

  • Invincible 1F~52F, Dodge/Dash cancel-able 47F, Attack/Block cancel-able 49F, end 64F.


Character Movement Speed

Speed Ranking
0  D.Chaos/F.Chaos (EX mode)
1.5 Tidus (EX mode)
2  Prishe (EX mode)
2.5 D.Chaos/F.Chaos > Onion Knight
4  Tifa = Zidane = Tidus (Normal) = Gabranth (EX mode)
5  Cecil (Paladin) = Squall = Jecht = Prishe (Normal)
6  WoL = Bartz = Shantotto = Vaan = Lightning
7  Golbez > Cloud = Yuna > Kuja
8  Emperor > Firion = Kain
9  CoD > Cecil (Dark Knight) = Sephiroth = Laguna 
10.5 Garland = Gilgamesh > Terra
11.5 Kefka
12  Gabranth
13.5 Ultimecia
??  Exdeath

  • Only the Emperor got a VERY slight (less than 2%) speed boost, all other old characters remains the same speed as in the previous game.
  • Each rank's difference is around 8%, which is the amount of the ability "Speed Boost" gives.
  • Within each rank, there maybe little differences between characters, but the differences are no more than 2% in general.
  • No rank number for Exdeath because even with Speed Boost++, he is still much much slower than Ultimecia.

For anyone interested, results of testings:

Speed Test
Done in World of Darkness, number of frames (time) needed to travel from one end to the opposite were counted. 
Characters have no Speed Boost equipped.

(Frames) Characters
(335F) EX F.Chaos
(376F) EX Tidus
(396F) EX Prishe
(408F) F.Chaos (417F) OK
(468F) Tifa, Zidane, Tidus, EX Gabranth
(500F) Cecil PL, Squall, Jecht, Prishe
(536F) WoL, Bartz, Shantotto, Vaan, Lightning
(568F) Golbez, (578F) Cloud, Yuna (582F) Kuja
(614F) Emperor (626F) Firion, Kain
(671F) CoD, (683F) Cecil DK, Sephiroth, Laguna
(738F) Garland, Gilgamesh (752F) Terra
(818F) Kefka
(834F) Gabranth
(949F) Ultimecia
(2456F) Exdeath


Dash Speed

This was easy to check. All the characters cover the same distance with the same type of dash, at different speeds.

(65F) EX Tidus
(69F) Onion Knight, Tifa, EX Prishe
(73F) Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, EX Gabranth, Lightning
(77F) WoL, Cecil PL, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Squall, Kuja, Jecht, Shantotto, Vaan, Feral Chaos
(81F) Garland, Firion, Emperor, Cecil DK, Kain, Terra, Kefka, Sephiroth, Laguna
(85F) CoD, Ultimecia, Yuna, Gabranth
(89F) Exdeath


Fall Speed

Things change significantly coming at fall speeds. It simply represents how quickly the characters touch the ground free-falling from the same height. It's not indicative of the acceleration (some characters start falling slowly than gradually speed-up, others have an early sprint).

(65F) EX Tidus
(67F) Kain, Gilgamesh, Kefka, EX Gabranth, Feral Chaos
(71F) EX Prishe
(73F) Tidus, Vaan
(75F) Laguna, Prishe, Lightning
(77F) Garland, Tifa
(81F) Firion, Cecil DK, Squall, Zidane, Jecht, Gabranth
(85F) Onion Knight, Terra, Sephiroth
(87F) WoL, Cloud
(89F) Cecil PL, Bartz, Kuja, Yuna
(97F) Emperor, Shantotto
(109F) CoD
(111F) Exdeath
(115F) Ultimecia


Fall Speed Ratio After Dodge

The falling speed after a dodge changes further on. Some speed up even before the dodge animation ends. Others gain speed gradually. Still others fall slowly for some time, than suddenly sink like lead!
This basically represent how quickly a character gains speed immediately after an aerial dodge.

(13) Kefka
(14) Onion Knight, EX Tidus, EX Prishe
(16) Kain, EX Gabranth, Feral Chaos
(18) Zidane
(20) Tidus
(21) Prishe
(22) Gilgamesh
(28) Vaan, Lightning
(34) Gabranth
(35) Laguna
(37) Tifa
(38) Firion, Squall
(39) Cecil DK, Bartz, Cloud, Jecht
(40) WoL, Cecil PL, Golbez, Yuna
(41) Garland, Sephiroth, Kuja
(42) Ultimecia
(43) Terra, Shantotto
(44) Emperor, Exdeath
(45) CoD


Aerith Assist

  • Cure: gives 60% of raw Brv, i.e. always = 400 for a Lv 100 character
  • Seal Evil: last for 3 sec (180F)
  • Planet Protector: last for 5 sec (300F
  • Holy: spell casting time = 8 sec (480F), the HP hit lands at 524F. Aerith has Block Mid priority (ie. need guard stagger/crush attacks to stop her).

A bit of explanation, between 480F to 524F, the opponent is still free to do anything. They could even attack Aerith to cause an Assist Lock to you, but they will still get hit by Holy at 524F. 
Think of this as Starfall, the meteor(Holy) appears at 480F, and needs 44F to "reach" its target.


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