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Chris Shade

Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

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Hey Chris, I was wondering, you know the tifa mod with the jecht outfit that was made by eldritch esper, is it still possible to acquire it somehow? I've looked through everywhere and the only link is the one to the dissidiaforums, which doesn't work. Any help here?


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    • By Frederyk_Strife4217
      I'm honestly surprised no one has thought to make and nude or nsfw mods for Dissidia.
      I mean, if Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep have nsfw mods...then how come Dissidia was left pure?
      Were there mods, but were lost when dissidia forums went down?
      I dunno, what do you guys think?
    • By Frederyk_Strife4217
      Okay, how the hell do you mod stages?
      I can't seem to find any tutorials on the matter.
    • By CrimsonS
      Hello, does anyone have backup post from old forum about step by step create a mod dlc ?, 
      Sorry, bad english 😅
    • By Mikz
      The Models I used belongs to Desvol, from the previous Dissidia forums, i got permission from him/her years ago to use his/her models and edit it and release for my own. 

      THANK YOU DESVOL FOR EVERYTHING! Your Imports were my inspiration for making my own imports.
      Squall Leonhart over [Bartz Klauser]
      Seifer Almasy over [Sephiroth]
      Squall Leonhart with The Punishment Gunblade

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