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9 hours ago, GenesisGamma6 said:

I thought you had an Altera done already in her default costume? You releasing as a pack or something? 

Looking forward to Sol Badguy.

Yeah she'll be in both of those outfits

Normal and Casual Altera will be Tidus and Squall respectively

Also going to redo her normal outfit from the beginning using her Extella model because of reasons


11 hours ago, Black-magic13 said:

That woman  right below the little girl with pink hair.... She has a blue dress outfit right? Or am i mistaken cause she looks so familiar.  btw they all look so great! 

Shibuya Rin from Im@s and yes she has that blue outfit which is the default outfit from the Starlight Stage mobage.

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On 1/25/2018 at 10:31 PM, Haussenkraft said:

After being persuaded by some people in both YT and FB, I think it's time I make a thread here

Do note that not all of the mods I made back then will be here, reasons being I'm either too lazy to add the rest or they need to be updated

Will be arranging by series

Type-Moon (Part 1)




Rider of Black and Sieg's BF, goes over Vaan

Original model by cytwscyt



Artoria (Casual)


Got the idea from Chris Shade's Saber mod, 

Apologies for mismatched portraits






Mooncancer, one of a kind kouhai, apply to Ultimecia



Ecchan / Mysterious Heroine X Alter


"A Villain (antagonist), the last of her kind, on a visit from the Servant Universe. 

A hard-to-come-by literary Berserker. 
An Anti-Anti-Saber final weapon who swears to defeat Mysterious Heroine X whilst fueling her magical energy converter, the Altreactor."


Jeanne / Jeanne Alter


A friend of mine was complaining about Jeanne's hair in a past mod so he persuaded me to do this one
Download (Jeanne)

Jeanne Alter, one of the most mainstream of FGO waifus alongside Scathach, 
Both Jeannes go over Lightning


Download (Jeanne Alter)

Kiara Sessyoin 


Beast III-R, Heaven's Hole. Goes over Cloud of Darkness.



Lu Bu Fengxian


Do not pursue. A Garland mod.


Oda Nobunaga


Demon Archer from Koha-Ace. Available as Archer for Laguna and Berserker for Jecht.


Download (Archer)


Download (Berserker)

Okita Souji


Dubbed a mankiller, Captain of the First Unit of the Shinsengumi. Currently available as Lightning. Sephiroth version may or may not come in the future.





Alter Ego of "the end of love and hate". Goes over Garland


Cu Chulainn (Prototype)


The younger version of our favorite suicidal Lancer. Obviously on Kain.





Queen of the Land of Shadows, Cu's mentor. Goes over Gabranth since his EX Burst reminds me of Gate of Skye.
Model by Mr. Yagyu.


Nero Claudius


Emperor of Rome, the Red Saber. Available as Saber and Caster.
Goes over Lightning.


Download (Saber)


Download (Caster)




Fox Caster of the Extraverse. But she's actually a jackal. Available in Servant and Casual clothing.


Download (Servant)


Download (Casual)



it says the Scathach file has been deleted.

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      If any of the authors has any problem with me uploading their mods, please tell me

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