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What do I do with dupe items?


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I think you know the answer, but still, here it is:

If you drew multiple copies of an item of 4★ rarity or higher, for example...


...don't fret! There's a very good use for the copies. You can feed the copies into the original and strengthen it — also known as Limit Breaking an item.

See this?


These three empty slots show how many duplicate items you can absorb into it.

To feed an item its copies, go:

image.png → image.png

Then select the weapon...


...and tap Confirm.

In the next screen, the selected weapon will not be shown, but its copies will —and they'll have "Limit Break" written over them, meaning the selected item is eligible for an upgrade:


Select up to 3 copies of the item and then proceed through multiple confirmation windows to finally break the item's limit.

An upgraded weapon will display the limit break slots like this:

One limit break: image.png

Full limit break: image.png

Final note; when you fully limit break an item AND level it to the maximum (for example, a fully upgraded 5★ weapon will have a maximum level of 35), it will transform into the next rarity — 4★ into 5★, 5★ into 6★.

Wanna see how it looks?




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