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Ex/Summon/Team comps

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Synergy is going to be an important thing at a high level of play. That being said all the summons have potential because a lot of ex skills have potential. To me ex skills are best used to cover individual character weaknesses. For example as Kuja, I like revivify and HP Regen. Kuja wants to not die so both these help plus revivify helps compensate offensively since he has a hard time wall rushing at times so it allows me to chase easy. This makes Ramuh really good but only with other team mates using buff skills. As Kuja I like people who either like Ramuh for more offensive capabilities and survivability or Bahamut so I can get to Trance faster. That being said I know people like Ifrit and Shiva mostly but they have the potential of not helping much at all. My teammates? I like having a marksman and a vanguard that's good at applying pressure. Kuja tends to get targeted because of trance. Marksmaks require attention too and a good vanguard like Cloud can't be left alone either. 

I would love to hear what other people like playing with and why. 

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To be honest, I believe that while all the summons are good in their own right, it really comes down to 4. Shiva, Bahamut, Odin and Ifrit.

The main reason I say this is because of their summon benefits and how they act in battle. Shiva is incredibly useful and probably the best one all-around, since her effects on bravery Regen and bigger base bravery cap can be invaluable in simply initiating the snowball and running away with the win. Her in battle abilities are also crazy, as being frozen in place means certain death against anyone with decent awareness. 

Bahamut is similar in battle as he creates no-fly zones and spontaneous eruptions, which make it difficult to tread the battlefield and like all other summons makes combos really easy. What I truly think separates him from other summons is Megaflare and how it essentially can provide an instant dive opportunity to a troublesome foe. Since it tracks then holds on hit (or guard breaks if you block it) you need to stay moving more than any other tracking summon attack. The visual effect is also obscuring, so the dive potential is insanity.

Odin is the "all in" I feel. He's solid on the field and makes everyone move more efficiently. I feel he's he choice against ranged opponents or opponents who can't deal with constant pressure. Good against Marksman and weaker Heavies and Specialists. Against a well-rounded team I feel like Odin still performs because he allows your team to come back together quickly to prevent being singled out.

Ifrit is another "all in", but against enemies with a tankier team. I feel Ifrit isn't the greatest in the field, but the ability to wear away guard is a valued asset against low-mobility characters. The extra BRV damage doesn't actually make a huge difference like Shiva's regen cap and rate increase.

Just my opinions, but from what I've been experimenting with these 4 seem like the cut above. Though all of the summons are good when you plan around them I feel. As an ExDeath main I love Leviathan, as it makes Death Knell and Blight incredible lockdown.


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