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BGM DLC Extra Pack

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  • Slot 14: (Final Fantasy: XIV, XV, Tactics, Type-0 )

FFXIV - Torn from the Heavens  
FFXIV - Nemesis
FFXIV - Ultima  
FFXIV - Ominous Prognisticks
FFXIV - Heroes
FFXV - Stand Your Ground  
FFXV - Veiled in Black  
FFXV - Invidia  
FFXV - Hellfire  
FFXV - Apocalypsis Noctis  
FFT - Trisection  
FFT - Decisive Battle  
FFT - Tension 1  
FFT - Apoplexy  
FFT - Back Fire  
FFT-0 - Pursuit  
FFT-0 - Wowl of the Dradnought  
FFT-0 - The White Weapon  
FFT-0 - Vermilion Fire  
FFT-0 - Forbidden Fruit

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/n5c5j95t5cj6w8f/[BGM][Slot 14] (FFXIV%2C FFXV%2C FFT e FFT-0).zip]


  • Slot 15: (Kingdom Hearts)

KH - Night of Fate
KH - To Our Surprise  
KH - Go for It!  
KH - Monstruos Monstro   
KH - Pirate's Gingue
KH - Scherzo Di Notte  
KH - Spooks of Halloween Town
KH - The Deep End  
KH - Forze Del Male  
KH - One Winged Angel 

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/r7i7f68lvq2olds/[BGM][Slot 15] (KH).zip]



  • Slot 16: (Kingdom Hearts II)

KHII - Sinister Shadows   
KHII - The 13th Struggle  
KHII - Desire for All That Is Lost  
KHII - Dance to the Death
KHII - What Lies Beneath  
KHII - Old Friends, Old Rivals  
KHII - The Encounter  
KHII - A Fight to the Death  
KHII - The Corrupted   
KHII - Deep Anxiety 

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/5l98i6bbwz1vpc5/[BGM][Slot 16] (KHII).zip]



  • Slot 17: (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

KHBbS - Unforgettable  
KHBbS - The Rustling Forest
KHBbS - Destiny's Force  
KHBbS - Romby Rumble  
KHBbS - Enter the Darkness  
KHBbS - Black Powder  
KHBbS - Shrounding Dark Cloud  
KHBbS - Range Awankened  
KHBbS - Dismiss  
KHBbS - Forze dell'Oscurit   

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/ujh34p8iopordfx/[BGM][Slot 17] (KHBbS).zip]



  • Slot 18:  (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, Coded, Dream Drop Distance)

KHCoM - Sinister Sundown  
KHCoM - Forgotten Challenge
KHCoM - Graceful Assassin  
KHCoM - Scythe of Petals  
KHCoM - Lord of the Castle  
KH358/2 - Critical Drive  
KH358/2 - Tension Rising  
KH358/2 - Fight and Away  
KH358/2 - Another Side  
KH358/2 - Vector to the Heavens  
KHCoded - Dearly Beloved  
KHCoded - No More Bugs!!  
KHCoded - Vim and Vigor   
KHCoded - Arabiam Dream  
KHCoded - Roxas  
KH3D - Prankster's Party  
KH3D - All for One
KH3D - L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto  
KH3D - L'Impeto Oscuro  

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/zpzawbo4ec9i6ht/[BGM][Slot 18] (KHCoM%2C KH358 2%2C KHCoded e KH3D).zip]



  • Slot 19: (ANGR and ALMAH)

ANGRA - Newborn Me  
ANGRA - Black Hearted Soul  
ANGRA - Final Light  
ANGRA - Light Of Transcendence  
ANGRA - Travelers Of Time
ANGRA - War Horns  
ALMAH - King  
ALMAH - Beyond Tomorrow  
ALMAH - Living And Drifting  
ALMAH - Zombies Dictator  
ALMAH - In My Sleep  
ALMAH - Please To Meet You  

[http://www.mediafire.com/file/122s0rq8ra78dyt/[BGM][Slot 19] (ANGRA e ALMAH).zip]


Edited by RochaRipper

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Packs 14 and 17 please.

Generally, you upload the files to a site like mediafire and post the link here so people can download it.

Also, would you mind making some music mods for me? I'll send you the music files if need be.

Edited by RinShinsei

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Generally, you create a mediafire account, once that's done and all the verification is done, you click the upload and then select the file you wish to upload. When uploading multiple files, you'll want to put them into a .zip or .rar (which can done with winrar or 7zip if you have them).

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Um thank you for this. Would you be releasing another dlc including the intro and ending music for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and 3 in the future?

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      I reviewed one of my topics and I realized that some songs had very strange loop time, unsynchronized. So I refaced some sounds and added sounds from other Final Fantasy's. Like the Tactics Advance, Crisis Core and others outside the main franchise. I hope you enjoy my effort :)
      Slot 14 :

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