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  • Want to play EXD? At high level, I'd say about 8 members of the Dissidia012 cast give Exdeath a very hard time.
  • EXD's character archetype (Entropic Adversary) is to have the opponent engage him to win. This boils down to punishing the opponent to win. He has Maelstrom as a move to punish those who do not engage. However, only 3 characters in this game cannot handle it without Aerith’s Planet Protector: Yuna, Kuja, and Shantotto. EXD is unique in that players have to change their play style in order to play and fight him.
  • EXD is the ultimate cardcounter. With his ability to build assist quickly, it becomes a part of his character. He is the fastest assist builder in the game. EXD is always looking at his opponent and what the opponent is doing to either block or punish. His assist, which is selected specifically for the matchup, should always be looking to punish the opponent’s moves.
  • Beware of characters who chase. It is a primary way to build EX. EXD is not good to punish empty chases.
  • In especially calculated matchups, being in good reach of zones where cores spawn is a good idea.
  • Any unblockable moves have a HIGH chance to be exploited against EXD at times down the line. It helps to remember these attacks even outside of EXD, because they are something to be reckoned with. But with EXD, these attacks matter very much, and you need to know them.
  • Many characters cannot block Mael + Planet Protector reliably, but you should know which characters are capable of easily doing so.

List of "Special" or unblockable BRV:

  • Terra: Graviga
  • Laguna: Sticky Bomb (explosion)
  • Emperor: Thunder Crest
  • Golbez: Rising Wave (Far)
  • Exdeath: Black Hole
  • Ultimecia: Charged Knight's Arrow (idle)
  • Kuja: Remote Flare

List of "Special" or unblockable HP:

  • Terra: Flood, Ultima
  • Zidane: Shift Break (water only)
  • Garland: Earthquake (rocks only)
  • Emperor: Starfall, Dreary Cell
  • Exdeath: Grand Cross (normal/counter)
  • Kefka: Hyperdrive


  • EXD has very little pressure game outside of Aerith's Holy, Maelstrom, Planet Protector+Maelstrom, and Black Hole pressure.
  • Black Hole is can be assist punished if the opponent has good reaction time.
  • Reverse Polarity is especially useful when near a wall or roof.
  • Sword Dance is easily dodged and easily punished with fast pokes. Yuna can punish this.
  • Vaccum Wave offers little to no levity, but is useful against Ultimecia a bit, it can be used to bait Jecht’s toes.
  • Hurricane is easily blocked, but is useful against Ultimecia and Laguna and even Jecht in heated matchups

After one of Exdeath's guard attacks, you can:


CIRCLE Towards Opponent + - Sword Dance (Can be used twice, 4 in EX Mode.

CIRCLE Away from Opponent + - Vacuum Wave (Can be used twice, 4 in EX Mode.


SQUARE Away from Opponent + - Grand Cross



Dodging at the right time gives you invincibility frames till the end of the dodge animation, you can tell you did it when your character is glowing a gold color.

Note how Jecht can dodge into an attack like Sudden Cruelty and use Jecht Block to block it. Exdeath can do this with Turn Guard. However, there is 1 frame where Omniblock is starting up, and generally, Omniblock cannot do this. A steady hand can save your life.



Exdeath gains high priority normal blocks with this ability while blodging. A precision block is activated within 1 frame of it starting. Every blodge done for every character is a constitutes a precision block. This may be helpful to some in certain matchups. Using an HP blodge to score a reflect off of an attack like Heel Crush or WWF can be risky if the opponent has near-death status and you blodge with HPs or BRVs.


As Exdeath, you want to be scary, calculated and collected. This means being patient. This means being varied. You are a cardcounter. You can time your engagements around the appearances of excores. You can realize sometimes, "it sure has been a long time since a core appeared..." and move to position yourself optimally to reach the core, wherever it may be.

As a character that wins by blocking, you want to get into their head. Play many different people. Chess masters have seen their battles play out many times before them.

Reaction time comes into play as well. So build up your muscle memory and reactions by playing.

Matchups that rely solely on EXD's blocking to win are matchups that involve what I call EXD Grit Matchups.




ATTACK CANCELING allows EXD to build 2 full bars of assist in around 5 seconds. [?] You build assist faster when you start different moves. Alternate between 2 different attacks to accomplish this.

CANCEL-BLODGING with Exdeath allows you to move to the back right, back left, back up, in-place, and forward above of the opponent. It also allows you to build assist while running away. You can use the analog stick to steer your dodge to dodge in place. That can be difficult.

I can have grand cross binded to back square because I don't want myself moving towards the opponent with Almagest while blodging. Almagest bonded to forward is more optimal because it will help the opponent get caught in my blodge if they dash or poke incorrectly.

You can punish them if they are caught in the blodge with Delta Attack, but that varies. Your reaction time and calculating speed must be on point because you will have to assess if Delta Attack will reach them. Otherwise, the other option is to use an assist. Zidane's Free Energy is a suitable punish for this as well, as they won't be able to EXR because one can not EXR after being blocked. The only detriment to getting hits in this way is if they have an assist to assist out.


In the EXD vs Firion MU, I have almagest bonded to neutral and omni air dash+. This counters Firion’s straightarrow spam.


Near a roof, you can HP wallrush upwards if there is no wall for you to Almagest or Delta Attack towards. Have Delta Attack bonded to neutral square. Face Exdeath towards the opponent and make sure that you drop low enough for you to lock-off Delta Attack beneath them. This forces them upwards toward the roof.

NOTE: there is a glitch with Seal Evil: whenever you use seal evil on a character already trapped in it without hitting them soon enough, they will gain a very high falling speed. You can exploit this in this technique. If you know when they are going to fall to he floor, exploit this and they will fall towards your already active Delta Attack.


You can exploit opponents dashes sometimes with multi air dash. The hitbox for Omniblock is bigger than EXD, it is the full surface of the yellow sphere.


You can call Planet Protector while calling Maelstrom on the ground. After a few seconds, the threshold for a successful Maelstrom is reached. If it did not hit the opponent, the opponent probably canceled the move out with one of their moves. If you did not call a level 2 assist, you can call a level 1 and gain bravery.

The three characters that need Planet Protector to block Maelstrom: KUJA, YUNA, and SHANTOTTO.

Refer to:

The cast of 012 attempts to block Maelstrom.


Players will probably try to exploit your guards with assist if they know that you are going to guard. For probably the most basic example, say that WoL is across the map from you and he uses Radiant Sword. If you decide to block it, they may use an assist to shake your visibility of the frame where you successfully omni guard. It is important in the split second where the opponent uses the assist to weigh which moves come first. Block that and hold for a few seconds to block the incoming other move. Omniblock stays active after you successfuly block for quite a long time. This is visible with Onion Knight’s Comet. Block one projectile of comet and you will block a lot more, but Comet’s lifespan outweighs the active frames of Omniblock’s post-block blocking.


Sometimes you will need to use Omni-Air Dash. It greatly increases survivability against Firion and allows for interesting gameplay against Jecht.


You can stagger your opponent with Reverse Polarity in certain situations. After the stagger, recognize the "ding" sound effect and act accordingly. Delta Attack is the logical followup, but beware of using this against Zidane. 






Kuja :

  • Can combo off of Black Hole
  • Assist Chase into Delta Attack, Almagest, or Grand Cross
  • If opponent is hit into wall, careful positioning with almagest can ensure another HP wallrush instead of risking Delta Attack for a wallrush. Use BRV recovery stuff to ensure that your base BRV is recovered by the time your almagest hits.


  • Free Energy Punishes
  • CAN PUNISH : Straightarrow, Free Energy, Diamond Dust
  • Can Free Energy Black Hole victim before the final hit and
  • Can combo off of Black Hole
  • If you stagger an opponent with RP, you can use Zidane's BRV attack and QUICKLY start almagest to ensure an HP
  • If you stagger an opponent with RP, you can use Zidane's Free Energy to get an HP in without using Delta Attack. This is important because characters like Zidane can punish Delta Attack after assisting out during this exchange. However, EXD can protect his assist if you use this tech. For this to work, this constitutes the opponent having no assist to assist out of.
  • Often, during your calculations, you will have to blodge towards Zidane while he uses his BRV to use Grand Cross before he hits a wall. Grand Cross's four orbs will appear around the opponent while this is happening if done correctly. Be conscious of Grand Cross’s range.
  • Hard Tech: You can redirect Zidanes BRV attack towards a wall by Using Reverse Polarity correctly during his attack.

Jecht :

  • If opponent messes up badly and you mael them, you can get a loop going because Jecht assist will buy you more time for a 2nd Maelstrom reset. Combine with SBS for near infinite.
  • This usually never happens. Keep dreaming.
  • Useful against Ultimecia, can punish her dodges. You can use Almagest to nullify her Knight’s Lance (fast version) if she tries to cover her dodge.

Yuna :

  • Useful for maps with low ceilings. Can Delta if wallrushed to ceiling. Sometimes glitches and misses.

Gilgamesh :

  • Same appliance as Yuna except he does not glitch, but he does not have the same useful property as Yuna. Also a bit faster.


Aeris/Aerith :


  • Holy time bomb for EMP matchup
  • Can Grand Cross into Seal Evil
  • Can Counter Grand Cross into Seal Evil
  • Can Seal Evil after Black Hole
  • Can Cure for pressure if opponent refuses to engage
  • Can Wallrush, then use Cure Evil before
  • Can Seal Evil before Vaccum Waves for an Aerith Chase, gaining all exforce if successful.
  • Can Seal Evil before Delta Attack or Sword Dance to ensure another attack of choice afterwards a wallrush
  • Can get a 3 hp combo with high enough brv recovery using wallrushes



Cure: gives 60% of raw Brv, i.e. always = 400 for a Lv 100 character

Seal Evil: last for 3 sec (180F)

Planet Protector: last for 5 sec (300F

Holy: spell casting time = 8 sec (480F), the HP hit lands at 524F. Aerith has Block Mid priority (ie. need guard stagger/crush attacks to stop her).

A bit of explanation, between 480F to 524F, the opponent is still free to do anything. They could even attack Aerith to cause an Assist Lock to you, but they will still get hit by Holy at 524F.


Think of this as Starfall, the meteor(Holy) appears at 480F, and needs 44F to "reach" its target.

Footnotes: General Knowledge Thread.



  • Can use Delta Attack after Hop Step. Good for Punishing, as it is quick.








The only move Warrior of Light can block holy and mael with is Shield of Light. Otherwise, EXD Grit MU. Get a grip of Omniblocking Shining Wave.



Garland’s most viable attack is Twist Drill. To counter this, just use an assist LVL 2 to get out of any BRV that Garland will chase after. Because Garland’s most valuable asset is his EX building and his unpunishable empty chases, it is important not allow him to go into chase. Other than that, Turn Guard is useful here. Cyclone can be tricky to Omni. Earthquake’s rocks are unblockable.




Straightarrow is punishable by Free Energy. Blocking Straightarrow is another game within itself. I once received advice to Omni when the arrow is about 1/3 of its way towards you at max distance. Omni Air Dash+ will help you get around Straightarrow, but you will want to have 2 bars of assist ready against Firion at all times.

Firion will like to corecamp near the ground, as he is a ground-based character already.



Sword Dance is usable here, but beware because Emperors can use Yuna assists with deadly force. Yuna can punish Sword Dance. Note that EMP has Thundercrest, Dreary Cell, and Starfall—all are unblockable. You can Almagest towards static Flares and Omniblock them. The same can be done for Blue Flares.


Holy is effective against emp. Using Sword Dance to prevent Emperor from hitting Aerith with an HP during Holy is not only fun, but effective if one is good at controlling the feint.




Exd grit MU. COD can block Mael and Holy with Particle Beam. Her feint move can punish Reverse Polarity so be careful. Aura Ball will be exploited against you, but you can bait out the opponent while this is happening with Grand Cross. Most of the time, however, it will be used to keep you away.



EXD pretty much counters everything he has. But what remains is the issue of his fast dash and the ability to get cores.





One can bring Sword Dance here. Get a grip of Omniblocking Dark Flame. You can assist of Paladin Force and Omni at the right time.



I bring Turn Guard here. Be Wary of Golbez on the ground, as he has an unblockable BRV he will exploit against you.



One can use Hurricane while pressuring here due to Laguna's lackluster BRV game. Beware, as Hurricane is still risky against a good player. Look out for Split Laser, it has hard Omniblock timing.

Good Lagunas will often have this loadout:

Pummel, Shotgun, and Sticky Bomb in the air

Pummel, Ricochet Shot, and Electroshield on the ground.

Any other loadout for Laguna’s game is easily blocked.




Refer to:



EXD Grit MU. He has Dark Flame. Goblin Punch is unblockable.



Counterpick to Exdeath. Gabranth has to be engaged and harassed to be killed before he can build EX.

In theory, Gabranth can just run away and recover all lost HP. With the Genji set, Gabranth can get 9999 BRV just by being in Exmode long enough. In this theory battle, one EXD's viable tactic is to use concentration while in large stages. The matchup is incredibly botched against Exdeath. Lai Strike is not a bad choice either.

You can pressure with Black Hole and Kuja assist in order to win.

You can bring Protect Guard to this matchup to block Gabranth’s priority mid moves. Gabranth’s Air HPs are very assist punishable.



Vaan has Windburst, which is tricky to Omni. All of his other Braveries are blocked fairly easy. However, beware of being directly above him, as Torrent can catch you. 




Kuja has remote flare, an unblockable move. However, this is punishable with Kuja assist.

Hurricane is usable here, but it requires massive mastery of the move in it's appliance to do so.

It can be hard for EXD to block Kuja’s moves, but the EXD needs to be incredibly patient. Flare Star is incredibly tricky to Omni.



One of the three matchups where Mael is unblockable.

Diamond Dust, while hard to block, is punishable by Free Energy and Omniblockable if read correctly.



One of the three matchups where Mael is unblockable. Know all of Shantotto’s HP variants.



Free Energy is punishable by Free Energy. Risky for Zidane because he can get hit with his own reflected Free Energy. Can sometimes result in a massive damage exchange towards Zidane.

During his Swift Attack, EXD can assist out and catch Zidane in his brv by quickly dashing a little towards him and use Delta Attack. This is due to Zidane's animation lock during this attack. However, remember that Zidane can assist out and punish Delta Attack with a downward BRV.



You can assist out of Jecht Shot and Energy Rain to Omniblock Tidus. Energy Rain’s BRV’s are

Ombiblockable and it must be precise. Assist out the instant you are hit and Omni the earliest you can.



Holy and Mael are not necessarily reliable in this matchup. Holy can be dealt with 1 Jecht Block, while Mael must be dealt with 2.

Jecht is susceptible to Black Hole. You can catch Jecht by correctly positioning oneself where the second kick of a fully charged Jecht BRV in the air. This is a viable tactic that requires Jecht to be caught slipping—or in this case, charging. It can be brought about sometimes by cancel-blodging towards Jecht and teasing him to charge. Vaccum wave is acceptable if you are good with footsies.



Hard MU for EXD. Kain can block Holy and Maelstrom with Jump and Dragon's Fang and can Jump THROUGH Black Hole. [Lmao, this should not be realistically possible, as Kain bends space and time to do so...] It comes down to EXD's grits.

EXD Grit Matchup

Since Kain will have to engage you, you can use Aerith's cure to pressure him to engage.



It is hard to Omniblock Firaga sometimes because of it’s janky hitbox. Know that there are 3 phases for Firaga. It can be handled with Shell Guard however.

Kekfa has the unblockable move Hyperdrive. You can deal with it by reverse polarity-ing right above Kefka and using Black Hole. However, this changes if Kefka is in Exmode and it will hit you while you are above him, so run away. He is incredibly dangerous while in this mode. It constitutes double hyperdrives and double trines. Double and quadruple firagas can be dealt with Omni respectively.

Having Shell Guard is useful in this MU and Black Hole is imperative, so I have Shell on the Ground and Black Hole in the air.

You can punish Trine and Firaga with Free Energy in the air.



Formidable MU, some consider it a counterpick towards EXD. Terra has mixups with Thundertrap and Meltdown.

Terra can block MAEL AND HOLY with tornado

Terra has flood and Graviga, both unblockable moves. You can punish flood with Free Energy.



EXD Grit Matchup, but when Cloud gets a full EX bar, everything changes. You'll be looking to Omniblock instead of Turn Guard and Clouds will exploit that.



He can block both Holy and Maelstrom with ease.

Beat Fang can sometimes go behind Turn Guard but never Omniblock. [That can happen with Jecht Block too.] Squall has the ability to punish your Aerith assist with Aerial Circle. Aerial Circle is risky to block because if you Omniblock it underneath it or above it at the wrong time you can get hit. There is a cycle to where the Hp is active in a circle around squall.



Counterpick to Exdeath.

Hard MU. Kuja can punish her timed arrow attack during the intervals where she cannot dodge due to animation lock. This is one of the few instances where an assist punish on Ultimecia is guaranteed. Jecht can punish her dodges, though this has to be extremely precise, as she can lock Jecht with Knight’s Lance.

You can use Hurricane for vertical pressure when under her. It can also work against charged arrows. Also useful for punishing dodges if she dodges into it.

You will have to Omni the charged arrows, though be careful, because those are unblockable when dormant and an Almagest can get you caught in them. You can dash through dormant arrows.

When they are coming towards you, block them. You can Almagest towards a Charged Knight's Lance and Omni, like you would a Red Emperor Flare, though a good Ultimecia will rarely set this up for you.


I recommend the usage of Hurricane or Vacuum Wave depending on the stage. Reverse Polarity will have a hard time dealing with Time Crush on its own. You can also Omni reflected Vacuum Waves from a charged Knight’s Lance, but a good Ulti will not be setting that up for you.


It is important to take precautions against Ultimecia if she has full EX bar. Lai EX Strike helps.



This is a fun and heated MU.
Be careful with EXD’s positioning when trying to read Thunders.

If hit with Thunderfall, you can assist out and block the last HP part of the attack. Use lots of Almagest and switch up your approaches with dashing through the opponent to confuse the opponent with approaches at different levels.



Can easily nullify Mael and Holy with One Inch Punch and Nullifying Dropkick.

You’re gonna have a really bad time. She can switch between Combo and One Inch Punch all the time leaving you wondering. There is a high chance that the player playing Prishe will be reading the Exdeath. Your best bet will be being overly cautious and drawing out the battle if in a tournament setting. One can try using EXD’s BRV’s here with a damage build to bring down her BRV.



A lot of Tifa’s moves are defeated by Black Hole. However, her fast dash speed will be a problem and she will have no problem getting cores.




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      ALMAGEST: ExDeath releases a dark energy wave around him, dealing HP damage to foes with decent range all around him. Holding the button also slows enemies in it's area of influence.
      OMNIBLOCK: ExDeath performs an OmniBlock/All Guard. Hitting him with a bravery attack (or HP attack if charged) will result in a counterattack that hits for HP damage.
      Impressions: ExDeath is a team player. My most successful fights as ExDeath are the ones which I am evading or debilitating my own assailant and peeling enemies off of priority teammates. ExDeath on the surface seems to have a good bit going for him, he has fast sword swipe Bravery attacks, good range with knock back projectiles that inflict a debuff on hit if you are in any stance except for BSK (and even then while under the effects of White Dwarf BSK enders gain Curse). He must go in on Marksman types however, as his own projectiles do not beat any of theirs. Thankfully, his toolset and Dashing Bravery attack (Dashing O) can allow for a surprising amount of forward mobility allowing him to dive a Marksman reliably but without the tenacity of an Assassin-type like Zidane or Noctis. He is a very reactionary and opportunistic character who has many different styles of play based upon your team, your choice in HP attack and your plethora of EX move options. His debuffs are powerful and Cursing enemies during the beginning stages of the game can prevent the early lead by itself. Late game Death Knell becomes one of the better tools available to block buffs like Mighty Guard, Mighty Strike, and other EX moves made to swing the battle. If you get off a White Dwarf, BSK mode will allow you the ability to lock an enemy almost completely if you hit them with Curse and Black Hole.
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      This is a very rough draft which I will come back to and edit periodically with others' findings. I just have been looking everywhere for resources on this character and have found little to nothing. What does everyone else think about the Demon Tree this time around?

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