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Link With AdHocParty Users

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It's hard to find AHP opponents. Let people know that you can play in this thread below!

If anyone wishes to play me, I've both JP and NA AHP.

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    • By Isai
      DISSIDIA KINGDOM HEARTS:  traduciendo los textos y audios en español
      aquanort mas escenario de kh3 y su musica

      voy haciendo mas mejoras al menú, entrada e iconos del juego, haciéndolo mas parecido y con características de kingdom hearts:
      como la barra de vanitas y de terra
      también are la de aqua y la de zack entre otras.
      puse victoria en español trate de poner nivel pero no me dejo por que mandaba a llamar letras repetidas pero lo adorne
      con letras y números nuevos, nueva barra de menú de carga, quiero personalizar los iconos de los personajes mas parecido a lo que se pueda a sus respectivos vídeo juegos.
    • By Willow30
      Um greetings!
      I happen to find out about this community and hope if there would be someone who has a copy of a modded iso filled with kingdom hearts music?
      I tried my hand at modding but ends with me corrupting the game(I changed the music for stages and it corrupted story mode and other sections of the game).

    • By Matnyaga
      Hi guys,
      Is there a discord or some form of messaging to co-ordinate Ad-hoc party matches?
      I just got a PS3 and I wish to get into the scene.
      EDIT: Found it! If anyone is new here as well, this is the link: https://discord.gg/a44rneC

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