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Other Final Fantasy's Osts

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I reviewed one of my topics and I realized that some songs had very strange loop time, unsynchronized. So I refaced some sounds and added sounds from other Final Fantasy's. Like the Tactics Advance, Crisis Core and others outside the main franchise. I hope you enjoy my effort :)

Slot 14 :


FFXIV - Torn from the Heavens 
FFXIV - Ominous Prognisticks 
FFXIV - Heroes 
FFXV - Stand Your Ground 
FFXV - Hellfire 
FFXV - Apocalypsis Noctis 
FFX-2 - Let Me Blow You A Kiss! 
FFX-2 - Vegnagun Awakens 
FFX-2 - Demise 
FFXIII-2 - Knight of the Goddess 
FFXIII-2 - Heart of Chaos 
FFXIII-2 - Unseen Abyss 
LR:FFXIII - The Showdown 
LR:FFXIII - Divine Love 
LR:FFXIII - Almighty Bhunivelze 
CC:FFVII - Last Order  -Crisis Mix- 
CC:FFVII - The Price of Freedom
FFT - Apoplexy 
FFT - The Pervert 
FFT - Ultima, the Perfect Body! 
FFTA - Painful Battle 
FFTA - Battle of Hope 
FFTA - Incarnation 
FFTA2 - Determination 
FFTA2 - Looming Crisis 
FFTA2  - The Unfolding Darkness 
FFT-0 - The Beginning of the End 
FFT-0 - War: The White Weapon 
FFT-0 - Vermillion Fire 

http://www.mediafire.com/file/3iqwombx343ndw3/Slot 14 Others Final Fantasy.zip


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28 minutes ago, MageMasher said:

I haven't even been able to find a lot of music For Final fantasy TA2 

I thought about putting the songs in the Crystal Chronicle series ... But I was lazy. :KefP:

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