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In case your wondering...

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People who model rig are incredibly experienced in it, they have knowledge and the ability to do it.

I'm guessing in order to do this allot of people with this ability must have taught themselves for some time before actually being able to... well model rig basically.

Same goes for creating music DLC or custom artwork for the game including textures as well. In order to do it, it requires trial and error and knowledge of many different file formats and programs, Im guessing even some amount of coding and little bits and scrapes of Information you can find from the original site which isn't much.

This being the case mentor or self taught consider all of the said abilities magic tricks because you will never learn the secret of how there done here...at all.

You wanna learn how to do something, you'll have to do it yourself and that goes for asking for simple information. It took me some time trying to figure out how some of this stuff is done...from trail and error.

If you ask anyone here for help you wont get a response... ignored basically Heh I mean cuz it's not your problem right?

There's a solid 1% chance someone will care to look at your post and 0% chance they care enough to answer I mean it doesn't involve them why should they care Im I right? 

This being said the prime reason information on anything related to modding this game will not be found, it will not be given unless for a price, it will not be taught it won't matter because the people who mod have to be the only ones who do it, to be the best at what they do and simply put I guess they consider what they do as something that took them hard work to do they dont want peons tagging along discovering their secrets to successful modification because then your in the spot light now, their moment of glory is over...

Hell they might just think your copying or trying to be better in a bitter but false rivalry, maybe you just wanted to learn how? But no in all actuality no one's going to help you I had to figure that out myself and I guess it makes sense.

This is serious to them, maybe for some kind of career that uses it and that's fine but this place is toxic...that being said this is the internet too no one has a real face just an avatar thats what makes it so easy to ignore others on the web why because on their eyes you aren't consider real anyway.

And sure you can call me stuff and complain or not care it's cool this is the internet where everyones a critic/troll.

But in reality who cares, Im done with this so called community for good...but that's just me.




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O.o........ omai. So much pent up frustration. Well, maybe people should've tried looking into helping out more. I mean, these mods are really great =w=

And getting half the stuff you see on YouTube or elsewhere is a real pain. Practically impossible cuz the idiots shut DF down. T^T

Aaaaaanywho, uhh, welp hi and stuff. I'll just wisely go back to searching for noctis on firion, saber on wol and Tifa mods..... 

But really tho, a little bit of help like a link or two to these mods would be really appreciated. >.>

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