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In case your wondering...

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People who model rig are incredibly experienced in it, they have knowledge and the ability to do it.

I'm guessing in order to do this allot of people with this ability must have taught themselves for some time before actually being able to... well model rig basically.

Same goes for creating music DLC or custom artwork for the game including textures as well. In order to do it, it requires trial and error and knowledge of many different file formats and programs, Im guessing even some amount of coding and little bits and scrapes of Information you can find from the original site which isn't much.

This being the case mentor or self taught consider all of the said abilities magic tricks because you will never learn the secret of how there done here...at all.

You wanna learn how to do something, you'll have to do it yourself and that goes for asking for simple information. It took me some time trying to figure out how some of this stuff is done...from trail and error.

If you ask anyone here for help you wont get a response... ignored basically Heh I mean cuz it's not your problem right?

There's a solid 1% chance someone will care to look at your post and 0% chance they care enough to answer I mean it doesn't involve them why should they care Im I right? 

This being said the prime reason information on anything related to modding this game will not be found, it will not be given unless for a price, it will not be taught it won't matter because the people who mod have to be the only ones who do it, to be the best at what they do and simply put I guess they consider what they do as something that took them hard work to do they dont want peons tagging along discovering their secrets to successful modification because then your in the spot light now, their moment of glory is over...

Hell they might just think your copying or trying to be better in a bitter but false rivalry, maybe you just wanted to learn how? But no in all actuality no one's going to help you I had to figure that out myself and I guess it makes sense.

This is serious to them, maybe for some kind of career that uses it and that's fine but this place is toxic...that being said this is the internet too no one has a real face just an avatar thats what makes it so easy to ignore others on the web why because on their eyes you aren't consider real anyway.

And sure you can call me stuff and complain or not care it's cool this is the internet where everyones a critic/troll.

But in reality who cares, Im done with this so called community for good...but that's just me.




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O.o........ omai. So much pent up frustration. Well, maybe people should've tried looking into helping out more. I mean, these mods are really great =w=

And getting half the stuff you see on YouTube or elsewhere is a real pain. Practically impossible cuz the idiots shut DF down. T^T

Aaaaaanywho, uhh, welp hi and stuff. I'll just wisely go back to searching for noctis on firion, saber on wol and Tifa mods..... 

But really tho, a little bit of help like a link or two to these mods would be really appreciated. >.>

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What can I say... Where do I start... ?

I think the whole point of modding this game was lost in translation. Not only with the original forums going offline for reasons I still have no idea about, but also due to the original team of modders moving on to completely different projects (myself included).

For me, the main point has never been the creation of the mods themselves, but reverse engineering the game’s engine and file formats, as well as coding the right tools to allow their creation. The final mods can then be made by people with the right artistic skills (modeling, skinning, animating… skills that I completely lack), which were instrumental during the analysis stage as well: 2playerwins was the artist who worked on models specifically tailored to the requirements of each test. In fact going back and forth with his models was really interesting as we would learn something new and exciting each time.

I think that’s why the original forums were created: to host a community effort in order to understand the game’s mechanics and modify them in a creative way. This, however, was never the case: as soon as I released the very first form of modification tools (which allowed texture edition in the original Dissidia), “private” mods started showing up on the Internet. While I didn’t really care (my work was already done and those mods offered nothing new compared to what my tools were capable of producing), many user who didn’t know how to create their own mods were really pissed. I can understand that: bragging about stuff you made using collaborative tools and not sharing is not nice… Even worse, is the fact that I can’t even consider those mods are actually “made” by modders. Think about it this way:

- How many modders understand the 32 to 8 bit color indexation in the game’s textures?

- How many of them can explain the self-describing scheme of vertex and transformation data of the GMO format?

- What about the 4 bit ADPCM compression of sound samples in battlequotes? Or the packing scheme of SSCD files?

- Don’t forget the rotative XOR-based encryption in text files.

- Oh yeah, there is the CRC32 based naming of filesystem entries as well.

And those are only a few of the challenges that we had to overcome to make modding possible. In fact I do think some of them are completely lost by now (is anyone even making text or character voice mods anymore?). My point is, when it comes to explaining how mods work, the concepts involved require specific technical background that takes many years to master. THEN, you can work on modding tools, as you’ll understand how they work.

The same is applicable to the artistic side of the process: even if you only want to use the already available tools, you’ll need to be an already trained graphic artist. Learning about modeling and skinning, so you can mod Dissidia, is like building a house starting from the rooftop. And it’s not fair to expect anyone to make a tutorial on that. Those processed are not exclusive to modding this game, and are expected from anyone that wants to create his/her own mods. Granted, I know some very dedicated fans who did learn about 3D just for this, but that requires a much bigger effort… and specially not quitting in the middle of the process… XD.

Now MageMasher has a point and it’s one of the things that made me move on to different projects. At one point it felt like I was working so other people could brag about work they wouldn’t share (and that, as I explained, weren’t even really “made by themselves”, at all). I felt my time worth more than that. I don’t know how active is this new “community” (as I can gather… not much), but it’s a shame it’s in this state, given how much potential I see in the involved coders and artists (I still don’t see why don’t we make a game instead of modding the same one so many times).



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Yeah Im starting to see it too a little bit, and yeah it's hard to explain that kind of stuff to people but some of the simplest questions get ignored around here.

Modding request are pretty ignored, hell I left a link in my model request and a picture too, I can understand if people don't want to take requests but what got me is people would rather download the model for themselves than for any ones request.

Using mediafire it told me the model I provided was downloaded at least 25 to 30 times, but out of all those times no one wanted to take a request from me, they just wanted the model.

Yeah I get that people don't want to be bothered, we can't ask for request, we can't ask for tips and tricks or any kind or type of information I mean it's pretty hard to not want to ask after being hyped up about the fact of changing some the cool stuff about your favorite game to even cooler stuff but really this sites only for people who can do it themselves.

It was my mistake that I thought the community was a bit different and less toxic, guess not. But the people who mod I guess only expects only modders to join this community which is fine but at the same time what's the point in joining if you can't mod?

No one talks to you here about anything, nearly no one cares if your interested or not, half the time there not interested unless you've got a new program or mod for them. Most only come here to release mods from the old Dissidia forums to pretend there helping or fishing for praise when in the end it's all just a for attention or some kind of inner circle of some sorts. 

I heard there's a discord for this site but if the discords anything like how the site is what's the point or immediate rush? And yeah maybe we should learn to mod and do it ourselves but in the end, what does it matter, we're just going to use the technique to show boat which is why most of this is how it is now.

People want to learn how to mod from the people who are good at it but the people who are good at it, dont want to waste any of there time teaching or doing request, but they have all the time show off their fancy creations to those who can't for whatever reason, I guess to be cool or something, which causes people to want to learn and ask, figure out how 

And thus an endless cycle that will repeat forever because modders gotta mod and show it all off, instead of that if people are tired of others asking how to do it or for request, sadly all I can say is ether stop showing off your skills for attention or expect people to continue to ask and just say no afterwards.

In actuality there's no real point to this or this site anyway, if anything your better off just not coming I can't say Magemasher is wrong because he isn't some of the people here are toxic but I can't say Sky is wrong ether, their both right. To be honest I thought people came here for the mods but I guess I could be right or wrong too.

Also sorry if my English is bit strange it's not my first language.


Edited by Aegis Eternal

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C'mon people, it's not like the community is all bad. Sure, we do get left in the dust, but maybe that's just because not many of the people who are modding have checked in a long while. 

I really agree with Mr. Sky here(although i haven't even the faintest clue about anything to do with modding but i do hope that i get to study and learn sometime). 

This community can grow and we just need some dedicated investment. We won't get the traction on the first try, but second, third, fourth, eventually it's bound to work. Plus, we do have cooperative modders here indeed. Mr. Sky, Deraj8, Haussenkraft, Chris Shade and more. They're really cool. So I bet thisnplace just needs a little bit more time and effort. 


Also, Mr. Sky, I really love your work. Big fan. That type-0 translation project, unfortunately it did go bust, I'm sorry for that. And your individually modding work, I really love them all. I wish you all the success in your current endeavour too. 

Best wishes to all and the community, 


Edited by Marakemi Ionis

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Yeah if you came for anything involving information or help this isn't really the place for that, I remember there used to be guides on how to do most of the modding, like tutorials created by modders but most of that was on the old site. I still can't really believe it's gone.

Most of this is really trial and error now, that's how I figured out how to mod the stages though I think I do it a little different than most so I still need practice on the subject it really all just takes time, I guess unless your like a professional or something you won't really care much about it.

Plus again that stuff takes time so I'm sure they don't want to waste more of it on others explaining how to do most of this stuff. But then again it's a really old psp game too, there's probably not that many people who mod anymore? Idk. 

But I'm not really surprised or anything it's just mods.

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Jesus, from looking at OPs' posts, he didn't even try to figure out anything himself, didn't ask any questions (general, specific or technical) and just wants everything to be handed to him. Of course its going to take some time to learn this stuff, and he was here for max 2 months before giving up because no one held his hand. There is plenty of documentation online for this. I just hope no new people are scared off. I went to the old forum a lot, I never posted, and just found this new one this week. I only registered to post a couple lists of mods that I had gotten from here, but I hate it when people berate an online community for no reason and wanted to post my opinion and say thanks to anybody who mirrored old downloads.

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Sorry to necrobump, but mod note: part of this conversation has been hidden due to some actions I had to take unrelated to this thread. However I cannot restore the related conversation due to the context being edited out by the hidden poster.

But it did make me sad reading this. It's a shame that the discord did kinda swallow the community, and a lot of the problems arose from both that and DF shutting down due to a lack of funding and the site admin vanishing to the wind. At least, that's what I heard happened. Maybe I should have payed more attention to here and helped out more before my computer broke instead of just using it as a dumping ground for my own stuff. Such is the past, though. With any luck I'm hoping that I can help make this place at least a bit better. 

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