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I thought I would create a topic for people to post combo vids, either of replays, or just vids that have been found lying around.

Thought I would start off by posting all the ones by ゆっくり012 that I can find.

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While not the most flashy of combos, CaminoalAlba definitely had some cool smaller combos. He has a few more vids on 012 but stopped making 012 content when his PSP broke.

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Some of the combos in the 5 JP Vids I posted are or aren't possible on the NA version, so I figured I'd include a reference for those that can and can't be done.
The main reason why some JP combos dont work on NA is that 2 bugs got patched out; 1) Empty Chase completely resets all assist related states except enemy vulnerability 2) Assist Chase Prompt is preserved through new hits

(All of the Solo Combo Vids work)

1st Vid: Gilga-Not Possible (Yuna wouldn't reset after chase(1)), Cloud-Not Possible (Assist wouldnt reset after chase(1)), Emperor-Possible, WoL 1st-Possible, WoL 2nd-Sort Of (If the Shining Wave only hit after the assist chase, it would work, but hitting before it won't(2)), WoL 3rd-Same Dilemma, WoL 4th-Same thing, WoL 5th-Not Possible (Assist would gray from the hit after chase(1)), Kain-Same thing, Shantotto 1st-Same thing, Shantotto 2nd and 3rd-Probably Possible (Not sure about 3rd), Ulti-Works,  Laguna-Works, Tidus 1st-Nope(1), Tidus 2nd-Works, Bartz 1st-Works, Bartz 2nd-Nope (1), Bartz 3rd-Nope (Works up until 2nd GIlga(1)), Kuja 1st-Nope, Kuja 2nd-Probably Works, Kuja 3rd-Works, OK-Works, Lightning-Nope(1), Squall-Works, Shantotto 4th-Works, Shantotto 5th-Nope(1)

2nd Vid: Laguna-Nope(1), Tifa-Nope(1), Lightning 5th-Might Not, Not entirely certain(1), Kuja-Nope(1), Tidus-Might not, not 100% sure(1), Vaan-Probably Not, not 100%(1), Kain-Despite what it seems, this one works, Cecil-Probably works, All others work

3rd Vid: Kain 1st-Yep, But you have to delay the chase, Kain 2nd-Nope (1), LIghtning 1st and 2nd-Both Work, I just wanna give shoutouts that these are some of the smartest combo routes I've ever seen, OK-Probably Not, but not sure(1), Shantotto 1st-Nope(1), Jecht 3rd-Nope(1), Exdeath-Probably Not(1), All others work

4th Vid: WoL 2nd-Probably works, Bartz-Nope (1),  Ulti-2nd-Probably works, Lightning-Probably works, all others definitely work

5th Vid: Kefka-Nope(1), OK-Nope(1), WoL-Nope(1), Seph 1st-Pretty Sure it works, but not necessarily with that timing(2), Seph 3rd-Nope (1), CoD-Nope, Kuja 2nd-Nope(1), Prishe 1st-Nope(1), all others work

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A new combo creator has combo to my attention, some of their stuff is a bit rough, but there's some pretty cool ideas in here too, I'll go through their other videos at some point, but here's two pretty good ones for now


(no I dont know what happened at the end of this, it's new to me too)

  • CoLove 2

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