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DDFF Fan Character - Gloria Grayson

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This is something I thought of. The character design is inspired by Yomi character Gloria Grayson. She is a healing character that can use her life a resource through an ability called Overdose, which inflicts unavoidable damage to both her and her opponent, with the idea that she can heal herself to recover from the damage she took.

This is a WIP as I have not thought out of her moves. But the concept of the character is very much decided. Feedback is welcome


Gloria cannot equip an assist. She can build assist normally and has normal access to the assist change mechanic. However instead of calling an assist when pressing L+O/[], she will use a couple of unique skills.

BRV assist: Overdose I

Activated by pressing L+O when the opponent is in hitstun or wall rushed. Deals 1000 HP damage to both Gloria and her opponent. This inflicts depletion on the opponent but not Gloria. Can be assist changed out of. Gloria takes the damage a few frames before the opponent, to avoid a draw situation when both characters have under 1000.

BRV assist: Healing Sphere

Activated by pressing L+O while the opponent is not in hitstun/wall rush. Equips a Healing Sphere. While active, all of Gloria's healing moves will also give her assist and EX meter. Deactivates when Gloria gets hit or 15 seconds after activation

HP assist: Overdose II

A charge kind of move similar to Black Fang or Heartless Angel. Total charge time is 5.5 seconds. She only loses her 2 bars at the 5 seconds mark. The OD is unavoidable. Same rules from OD I apply.

EX Mode

Overdose III

Activated by pressing R+[]. Same as Overdose II, but the startup is only 34 frames (about half a second). Completely unavoidable, hits anywhere on the screen. Cannot link to an EX Burst.

EX Burst: Sun and Moon

Does damage. EX Burst aren't that interesting usually. Probably should do more damage than average, since it's gonna be hard for her to land this.


Healing Touch - BRV move

Heals Gloria for 100, 100 and then 200HP at frames a b and c. Similar to Lightning's Cure. I don't know what timings make this move balanced.

Ideas for moves (to be expanded upon)

A low damage defensive poke BRV

A HP move that, at the end, gives you the option to heal both characters for 800 HP

Her moves should be mostly defensive, but she should have at least one proactive defensive move and a couple of reactive ones

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I just might like this mechanic more than actual assists, especially since it would allow for (dodge cancel) combos to return. Nice one.

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