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Well, stage mods aren't DLC, you'd have to inject it directly into the game ISO, which is why nobody puts tutorials on it. Any tutorials to inject them are also gone cuz they were in the old dissidiaforums. They are just texture mods anyway.

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For one thing, you need the Dissidia Modding Suite, made by SkyBladeCloud, and then you would have to go through the trouble of ripping out everything in your ISO so that you can find the right offset to inject the right mod into.

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Oh my God, you people are amazing! I've been looking to get these files for a long time for whenever i get a pc so that i can jump into this and try modding.... However many millennia that might take though... But many thanks for the links. 

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    • By gameboy360
      I am Gameboy360, came from Dissidia forums which is completely gone forever tho. A lot of my mods are also lost due to my mediafire account unable to log in.

      So why not i just gonna drop my backup mods here :)
      (DL's are in youtube videos)
      More mods to come! 😄
    • By Zyxald
      Hello, I'm a DDFF mod consumer and i want to ask some help. so I'm trying to learn how to create an assist mod (or at least recreate it from using other people's mod) for my own self use and i realize that making request from other people to make all of it is kinda selfish. are there anyone that can help me and maybe some people that interested in this topic too, thank you. Oh and I'm new to modding so please teach me as detail as possible 😘
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      Good day I am offering my dissidia duodecim official dlc list  
      with 2 corrected dlc's tifa's amano artwork has white hair while the dlc doesn't I have corrected it to have white hair 
      similar thing with sephiroth not having his 3 wings out in normal that also has been corrected by me 
      I am willing to share for in return the only dlc I am missing are the following dlc's file in their onw separate folder's: Cecil's knight of the twin moons,dlc squall's kh1 dlc,lightning's ayabread dlc,Gilgamesh tpe-0 dlc  
      aside from the missing ones I got all the other's so if you want any just look at the list below 


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