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How to lag less by Coppola

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Playing buddies from the same country and still lagging? Well, the main cause might not be wifi (seriously, NEVER USE WIFI IF YOU CAN) or internet speed (it doesnt really make a big difference, but always check if your speed is at standard values at speedtest.net for example, if they are lower it means you may have connection issues that most of the time are solved by simple reseting your router), but your emulator settings. The settings on this guide were tested and they really make a difference, specially when lag is innevitable (ping above 120ms). For better results, both players must use them. I used 1.11-222-g3cc7891 the best version of PPSSP and the community's standard as reference for screenshots.

General Settings: never change them, by the way, anisotropic filtering and upscale are useless in my opinion, they only increase CPU usage and lag for almost no change in graphics, what you need is resolution.





The following settings consider that you use the previous ones as well.

Maximum Performance Settings

Pros: auto resolution (the game will look nice), any computer can run Dissidia with these settings (tested with pentium 4 and I am not kidding)

Cons: darker effects, for example, dark watera, dark Order's Sanctuary - like there is a huge dark cloud above the stage (I like it by the way) and dark EX Revenge, rarely some small black blocks might appear.

Note: the backend should be OpenGL and nothing else.


Sample: Dark OS


Standard Settings

Use it only if you have issues with OpenGL or really hate darker effects. Can be used with OpenGL backend as well. Bufferend rendering let you choose the resolution, so put values your computer can handle (recommended 3x or auto).


Final note: if you don't believe me, f*** you and keep lagging.

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