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Dissidia Official Dlc Share&Hunt

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Good day I am offering my dissidia duodecim official dlc list  
with 2 corrected dlc's tifa's amano artwork has white hair while the dlc doesn't I have corrected it to have white hair 
similar thing with sephiroth not having his 3 wings out in normal that also has been corrected by me 
I am willing to share for in return the only dlc I am missing are the following dlc's file in their onw separate folder's: Cecil's knight of the twin moons,dlc squall's kh1 dlc,lightning's ayabread dlc,Gilgamesh tpe-0 dlc  
aside from the missing ones I got all the other's so if you want any just look at the list below 


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Hey dude, you could posts the ones you have, it might attract new people instead of only helping people who give you something. Maybe the reason your getting a lot of views but not getting any posts is because you're not actually sharing anything.

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    • By scopion117
      hello everyone. A'm looking for the noel vermillion over squall or on every character. Please provide me  the link to download.
      sorry for my bad english.   
    • By Mikespiano
      Does someone have the cheats so that the assists have the appearance of manikin?
    • By Haussenkraft
      This has been long overdue but I feel it's better late than never

      I'm just copy pasting what I told another member on how to mod,  So some stuff may not match

      Things you need before starting
      - Noesis
      - Milkshape 3d (Preferably version 1.8.5)
      - GMOTool
      - PNG2GIM
      - Notepad++
      - The character GMOs
      Getting started

      Use Noesis to export the base character .gmo into .smd
      for example, if you're gonna use Lightning as a base, export her t-posed .gmo.

      Import the base model and the custom model in Milkshape.
      after importing the t-posed model, import the custom model you are gonna rig on. I'll be using Thanos and Exdeath as an example

      After that, go to tool > scale all (by %10000)

      Then delete the original model so that the custom model will be left

      Now, if you had any experience with rescaling, try to fit the model into the skeleton by rotating the vertices of his limbs and such
      And then you may proceed to rig the model.
      I lost the file for Thanos so I'm gonna use Nero instead for the rest of the tutorial

      Anyway, to rig, you just need to select the vertices of the bone you want to rig on
      Like for example, select all the vertices of the head and then assign it to the head bone

      After rigging, you need to resize it back to the original size,

      You can test the model's rigging by importing the animations into it,
      preferably .psa if you're using Milkshape

      It takes a long while to load

      click the anim button at the bottom right to view the animation

      When you're satisfied with the result, export the model to .smd
      the uvs will be flipped like this 

      Now export it again to .fbx while flip uvs is checked


      MDS Editing

      The final part of the tutorial is the .mds editing

      First you need to convert the .fbx to .mds using fbxconv

      Then the base .gmo to .mds using gmoconv

      Open both .mds in notepad++

      In your custom character's .mds, replace all of the "rootnode" with "root" and "png" with "gim"

      Go to your base character's .mds and go to model-0

      Below that, look for this bone (differs per character)

      then delete the blendoffset, blendbones, and drawpart, leaving behind only the ParentBone and Translate

      Do the same with the "wepx" bones (i.e. wep0, wep1, etc.) and the bones in model _000A

      Look for the trans_include bone inside model-0 and copy everything above it

      Then paste it over the trans_include bone inside your custom character's .mds

      Now go to the material section of your custom .mds and remove this bit from every material

      Now dont forget to convert your png textures to gim using png2gim
      you can only have 1 png at a time inside the folder or it wont convert properly

      Rename the new .gim to be the same as your png file

      After moving the .gims inside your GMOtool folder, use gmotool - to gmo 

      -s is a parameter to change the size of your model, (-s 0.8 means that the model size will be reduced by 80% and so on)

      Now you can try checking the .gmo in Noesis to see if the animations are properly working

      Please note your gmo size must not exceed 2.4mb
    • By Cardboard Destroyer9000
      does any Modder here have a fix for the GMOTool Krauss link in his Custom GMO tutorial thread or the different version of this tool, because no matter what I do it keep showing me this "module not found error" for some reason

    • By EXeL-BergZe124
      So... can anybody give the download link for these?... and the creator's name if you know?

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