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DISCLAIMER: The actual ruleset is past the 3rd "_____________________" all the way below.




      A short overview of the history behind this ruleset's creation, recounted from memory...



It was maybe more than 6 years ago, in-between the years of 2013-2014. The tournaments were still big and lovely, the streams glorious with ChaosMuramasa x LegacyYipes (oh especially that man) level of commentary / Twitch-monster energy (a-ther, END, Dante, and BastardMan/X-Zone to name a few), and the community, although small in comparison to other online games, steadily bustling with new content in the form of written guides by longtime veterans like RDFMASTER, LightningxFate, LonelyGaruga, Kayarine, and combo videos by well-established players like Dart (a fierce Cloud now known as Dz_, having forever engraved his name on DDFF competitive history), Kuroraikiri (one of the few Tifa reps who knew what they were doing) and Tabithia (one of the only 3 Ultimecia reps in existance), and friendly atmosphere courtesy of your local friendly modmin team Spyder, Draec, Kraid, and several other wonderful mods whom I neglect to name. This era was near the peak of Duodecim, and the bigshots that roamed the world at this time, especially the whispered household name amongst the denizens of the DissidiaForums,



(who may as well be the 2000s-era SSBM Mew2King 360-noscope / Sm4sh god ZeRo equivalent in terms of tiered skill amongst all the existing Duodecim players of all-time)


      roamed free; they took names, trophies, and achievements as if they tasted akin to a simmered shotglass of Waggle-Wobbly Firaga-dashed margarita after an SSS rank finish in top 2 in nearly every tournament that ever came out for this game. DMD Tournament. Phoenix Down. Frostbite Arena. FEPS. LevelUP. The list goes on and on.

Its not like they weren't undecorated victories either; the fantastic artists of the time, Kayarine, with her touch of professional aesthetics, and later Galadin, having her wonderful quirky artstyle, were always there to welcome the victors with their gorgeous, well-thought out, lovingly crafted forum signatures for all of DissidiaForums to see.


by Kayarine


by Kayarine


by Galadin


by Galadin


Just look at these awesome beauties. They're a Marvel to behold.

Anyways, at some point during all of my forays into these awesome tournaments, I came to the following conclusion:


That this game's balance needed to be tweaked in order to up the ante on the quality of high-level Dissidia Duodecim gameplay.


      At first this was a solo project that only I concieved of, unaware at the time that Hollowed was already working on something quite similar with a ruleset of his own. If I had to describe my own thought processes at the time, you could relate to my discontent with some of the many flaws/BS of the game, such as Assist Charges (both 1 bar and Full Assist Charges), the fact that both players needed to whiff to maintain an Assist gauge 24/7 (not just build it which wasn't that bad in itself), extremely gimmicky Summons to the level of Chocobo shenanigans, how rewarding it was to land an HP in sharp comparison to the majority of low-damage dealing BRV attacks in this game because of the rewards of things like EX/AST Depletion, Side by Side, EXP to ____ Abilities (although those weren't that bad in themselves), etc. Thus, this was how one of the first versions of the ruleset itself came out at first:




It didn't even have much of a name back then. At first, the ruleset itself was aptly named "Official the 2nd" for lack of a better one, and then it was held in closed-beta testing amongst the eventual 15+ other players other than me at the time (the members in single-digits at first, but grew to 15+) under a closed group called DissidiaTownFair.






The only surviving evidence that the group itself ever existed.


Below are two example videos of an older version of the Off2. ruleset in action:



I really should have uploaded more matches showcasing this ruleset. In a much later version of the progression to White Lotus, Spyder himself pointed out at the time that mages actually struggled more under this ruleset because of the lack of ability to build Assist by whiffing, but that's a sacrifice I suppose. No game balance will ever be perfect, and the most interesting games tend to be the ones with the "broken" / excellent moves / overall kit that a character has anyway.

Just take a look at Gerald's video on buffs/nerfs, which dives much more deeply into game balance Vs. fun and does a better job explaining that concept better than any other video ever will.



Thanks Gerald from Core-A-Gaming.



In this match, me and a fellow tester named X-Striker were testing the abilities Concentration++ and Snooze and Lose. Needless to say, that wasn't as exciting as that one time I played prominent tournament veteran xffixbmlx at The Rift using this strategy in an actual tournament match. Later I decided to ban the two Abilities together because holy shit who the hell wants to play a game where we are paid to win by doing absolutely nothing ResidentSleeper_zps16ec894b.png



      Then eventually, an interesting Skillchain of events happened. I DM'd Hollowed my project and offered to have him test it. It might as well have been a well-written, eloquent bromance letter really now that I think about it. If my memory isn't failing me, I believe he rejected my offer at first; then at some point, somehow, we came to a congression. Persuaded, we played some games with it; after some time, he revealed that he was already working on something quite similar within his own group, his then-creation White Lotus, with a couple members of his own, and invited me to take a look. Eventually I abandoned my version of the ruleset, "Official the 2nd" in consideration with the numerous similarities it shared with his at the time, and moved on to his shiny new, wonderously fascinating shebang. We had alot of fun playing around with it, refining it, experimenting with it, and getting feedback from the number of fortunate players we showed it to and invited to our group.


      Admittedly the experimentation and discussion itself wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. We've (Hollowed and I) had a few visionary differences for how the ruleset itself should accomplish, like how fun and rewarding it feels to play the actual game (that we've "modded" together) versus how balanced the ruleset itself was/should be for the entire cast (which was the primary concern in my original creation). But there was one thing we fundamentally agreed on that the ruleset itself should accomplish: cut as much BS out of the game as possible and give the game a new spin on how it plays. With any disagreements we had, we always worked through them somehow anyways, whether it be how much we should increase the % value for Wallrush damage, allowing AST Gauge Dash Up or not, allowing or banning EX Breaks and Assist Breaks, Stage Bravery bonus increases, etc, compromising for the better or worse if and when quite necessary, all in the name of progress. I even distinctly remember the time when Hollowed himself called me out on one occasion in our messages, accusing me of pursuing public fame upon my expression of desire of my wanting to post the ruleset on DissidiaForums. I felt defensive at the time, of course. But regardless, I only wanted to post it to give back to the community I truly loved at the time, despite all of the flaws it had, as well as offer something that everyone could truly appreciate and play for a long, long time; an intent that still holds true even now. Even with this desire, I subconsciously held back from posting the White Lotus the whole time for years, allowing Hollowed's words to haunt me in my head, "you're only in it for yourself" or something along those lines, even after he confirmed with me afterwards years ago on several occasions that he was alright with me posting it to the public. So to those test members who wondered why I never, ever bothered to release the ruleset all these years ago: that was the real reason why. But now I feel that it's quite silly to be ashamed of something that you're proud of (especially in a quality collaborative effort with your valued partners / teammates), to hide something that perhaps even 2 out of 10 people could take joy in looking at, playing with, and having fun with. The year is 2019, not 2012, nor 2013, nor 2014, nor 2015, nor 2016. Everything always changes around us constantly as time passes, even the things that don't look like they're changing on paper.


      It's ok to take pride in something that you've created and achieved. In fact it's a healthy, wonderful feeling. The recognition that comes with it, it is secondary compared to the joy that is felt during the entire creation process, especially if the creation itself is shared. That's how many great video games, achievements, and finished products come to be anyway: a collective, quality, organized collaboration between well-trained, like-minded peers with the same goal, and with it, a sense of community and kinship with one another. The hopes that came with it: that the people who spend time with it may actually have alot of fun with this new spin, and be able to enjoy high/top-level Dissidia matches without all the inherent BS that came from some questionable game mechanics/design, have been preserved for all these years.





On the surface, when you look at the final product, it is just an in-game change of values and a series of Ability bans, Equipment bans and a purposeful x3.1 Booster multiplier limit garnered after countless hours upon hours of discussion and debate. Heck, you could compare this to how the Street Fighter series had its own fair share of remixes / revisions / Editions / Arcade Editions etc. and changes in gameplay balance / mechanics. But instead of summarizing and trying to explain how the average match with this ruleset actually feels, I will say this: I am an absolutely firm believer of showing instead of telling. Thus, on the basis of that statement, I cordially invite you to try it. In fact, I fervently encourage you to do so. Perhaps the DFF veterans may quite enjoy how this version of the game feels.


And without further ado, here it is.



Ruleset: White Lotus


Your Booster multiplier limit CANNOT be greater than x 3.1.

Your Base BRV CANNOT be greater than 1250.


~Equipment/Accessory Banlist~

ANYTHING that has the effect of:

EX / AST Depletion
Initial BRV, Initial EX, and/or Initial AST
EXP boosts
BRV Recovery+%
BRV Boost on Stage Destruction
BRV / EX / AST Iai Strike
EXR Duration boosts
EX Core Appearance boosts


Side by Side
Safety Bit
Muscle Belt
Battle Ring
Rebellious Soul
Close to You
Breakable accessories
x1.4 boosters
x1.5 boosters

Level Gap >= _________ boosters.

Soul of Yamato (Genji set)
Snowpetal set
Piggy's Stick

~Ability bans~

Assist Gauge Up Dash.
Achy / Achy+
Concentration / + / ++.
Snooze and Lose.
Disable Counterattack.
Disable Sneakattack.

You may equip Counterattack or Sneak Attack, but you may ONLY have one of either.

~Ruleset Parameter changes~

Critical Damage = 110
Wallrush Damage = 35%
Assist Gauge Charge (Attack) = 0
Assist Gauge Charge (Hit) = 120
EX Revenge Duration = 3 Seconds
EX Damage from Assist Attack = 200


~ Fin. ~



The only gameplay videos of the most up-to-date version of the ruleset from about 5 years ago:

Sys Vs. Spyder and Hollowed



Sys Vs. Hollowed Bo3




I would like to give my special thanks and credits to...



Spyder, for his insightful observations and valuable caricature of how the game itself works. Out of all the people we've approached, you had an incredible wealth of tournament-experience and knowhow for the game's time (being an OG DFF veteran is also a great perk) and thus were always able to offer us some of the best feedback possible during the entire course of testing

Draec, because you're a fellow Gabranth main (lol) but also because your knowledge of the game (also an OG DFF veteran) is valuable to us as well

TKG09 could also be thanked in the same boat as Draec for his level of knowledge and expertise (DFF Gabranth main still counts lol)

Ultimaweapon2000, because your overwhelming swath of passion and undeniable skill backed by years of tournament experiences for the game helped us really see what an exciting high-paced game with this ruleset could really be like

X-Striker, for putting up with my shenanigans and sometimes selfish decisions back when it was just my own ruleset that I was working on

Muggshotter, Kuroraikiri, LonelyGaruga, Dart, ShinryuVerus, Zodiark/Lokreah, Mericus, powersleight, kewldude, two or more others whose names have unfortunately been lost to the sands of time, for your invaluable feedback during testing

iCame_69(a.k.a. Dante), for pointing out potential issues with Gabranth that might have made him more OP if things like EX Breaks were disabled or Regen boosts was allowed

and ESPECIALLY Hollowed, wherever you are, for without you, this co-creation would have never existed at all. Your experimental, intellectual, well-thought out framework of a mind was the start of something genuinely wonderful and new, and having been charmed by that, I chose to be the initiative; to be the burning fire that the project needed.

You guys, collectively, been a HUGE part of how the overall ruleset itself turned out, and we could not have done it without you guys. It's been 5+ years and none of you were ever able to see that your efforts weren't in vain after all this time, but with this ruleset's release, you all can now pat yourself on the back. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart. All of you together made it happen, whether or not you guys realize it, and you have no idea how much I appreciate having worked with you guys all those years ago. It's been a real blast.


P. S.

Achy / Achy+ was banned because of the effect of Full Assist Charges. That being said, for those out there who use CWCheats in friendlies, there is a code that disables Assist Charges by default as long as all connected players have that code active while fighting. Go figure.

P. S.S. Some tips on attaining and maintaining an exact multiplier of x3.1 (or close to it) by the following:



1.2 x6 = x 2.9

  • (uses 6 slots.)

1.3 x3, 1.2 x2 = x 3.1

  • (uses 5 slots.)

1.3 x4 = x 2.8

  • (uses 4 slots.)



P. S.S.S.

Here is a file link to a seperate Save Data containing the ruleset itself in the 2nd slot. It does not contain any pre-made builds for characters because that is ALOT of work. Maybe I'll do it later, I don't have enough time right now. Or you could make your own builds. ResidentSleeper_zps16ec894b.png


Edited by Sys

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Hey Sys, so just looking over this here are some thoughts

- With Side by Side and Bravery Recovery Up Banned, I don't understand why the Base Brave 1250 Limit is there, and without Piggy Stick or Thornlet, you cant get it much higher than that anyway(edited)

- I have no idea at all why Brv Boost on Stage Destruction is banned

- EXR Duration Boosts are relatively niche for a few select characters, I don't see why they're banned

- And EX Core Appearance Boost has risks involved, and since side by side is banned, it's still valuable for both players, but I can kinda understand this for the sake of not building meter too quickly

- With the Straight Damage Accs banned (the best ones anyway), I'm slightly surprised that Sniper Eye and to a lesser extent Booster arent

- I don't really understand Snowpetal's Ban, Genji's kinda makes sense, for the Regen reasons, and also because in a no SbS format it would be very strong

- Don't get why Riposte is banned, the other extra abilities make sense

- Also if you're trying to reduce crits, maybe ban Assist Critical Plus? (Although I understand the point of trying to make each assist more valuable)(edited)

- EX Revenge Duration being shortened isnt something that most characters care about, they mostly only care about the defensive utility and getting one free HP hit. It really only significantly negatively impacts Garland and Gab

- I feel like Assist Guage Charge (Attack) should be something, just really low; because as is, while zoning is in place it can make assist gen for both parties very inconsistent, it also super duper nerfs Exdeath, but that's not nescecarily a bad thing

Besides those points, I think everything looks pretty good

And I'm down to trying it in the future

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7 hours ago, Eddiegames said:



I posted my reply to you in that thread. Everyone, please post all questions, discussions, suggestions, comments, content, etc relating to the ruleset from now on. 🙂

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      2) Side by Side
      3) A Comrade's Vow
      4) AST Gauge Up Dash
      5) EXP to AST
      6) AST depletion & depletion rate
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      1) Assist Gauge Charge (aka AST Charge)
      AST Charge refers to the amount of AST gain whenever you perform an action. The actions that can grant you AST Charge are:
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      -Connecting the attack (default)
      -Dashing (requires AST Gauge Up Dash)
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      -AST Charge (Hit) is the amount of AST you get whenever you connect an attack (and keep hitting). For most BRV attacks the gain is 3-5% and for the BRV part of most HP attacks it's 1-3%. Beware that the HP hit will never grant you any AST gain unless you have Side by Side/EXP to AST equipped.
      As for the AST Charge bonus, it's like the "forbidden bonus" in D012. Only the Final Strike set (which I talk about below) and the AI-only accessories give you this bonus (and Artifacts, too, but that's pretty rare to get).
      Basically AST Charge multiplies the AST gain from all Attack, Hit, A Comrade's Vow and Dash. So if you get a +50% bonus, and you keep using Yuna's Heavenly Strike (the Shiva BRV attack), you'd get 5*1.5 = 7.5% AST gain per attack.
      Finally, no AST is gained when using an EX Burst.
      2) Side by Side
      This is pretty straightforward: Side by Side grants you a 30% AST gain whenever you connect an HP hit, regardless of your BRV number.
      3) A Comrade's Vow
      There are quite a few misconceptions out there about how this accessory works. The way this accessory works is that, whenever you're damaged, the base bravery damage of the attack is taken into account. So regardless of whether I'm Lv 1 and have 12 DEF or if I'm Lv 100 and have 111 DEF, the amount of AST I'll gain when hit by a Jecht Stream will be the same, even if I receive 4,000 BRV damage at Lv1 or 300 at Lv100.
      The formula for the AST gain (%) A Comrade's Vow provides is as follows:
      Base damage*0.15*multipliers/10
      Beware that for hits that BRV Wall Rush, you'll get again the last value when you get wall rushed. So, for example, let's say you get hit by a Jecht Rush just like the AST one, and your multipliers show 5.0. The base damage for Jecht Rush is 42. According to the formula, you should get a 3.15% AST gain. However, the last hit has 19 base damage. So if you get wall rushed, you'd get an extra 1.425% AST gain.
      Beware that the damage you receive from the opponent's assist will also increase your assist.
      As you can see, this accessory requires pretty high multipliers to be effective, as otherwise the AST gain will be very little. Finally, it's also better when fighting against characters that rely on strong attacks that cause BRV wall rush to connect their AST -> HP combos and powerful assists (such as Garland with Kuja or Sephiroth assist).
      4) AST Gauge Up Dash
      With this ability equipped you gain AST by using Air/Free Air/Ground dashes. To gain AST with Reverse dashes you need to equip at least one of these three as well. The AST gain is 0.1% per active dash frame.
      You can look up the active dash frames of each character here:
      So, for example, if Yuna uses a "full" Free Air Dash (from beginning to end) she'll have 98 active dash frames and gain 9.8% AST (tested with Free Air Dash Boost equipped).
      The average AST gain when spot dashing seems to be about 10%/second. More testing will be done in the future to confirm this for sure.
      5) EXP to AST
      Let's say this in a format it's easily understood: without EXP boosts, you get approximately 3% AST per 1,000 HP damage (both players being at Lv100). However, if you face a CPU opponent with Maximum strength you'll get a 140% EXP bonus, making it 7.2% AST gain per 1,000 HP damage (thanks to Muggshotter for finding out the CPU strength multiplier).
      Notice that EXP to AST happens again if you HP wall rush, giving an extra bonus.
      6) AST depletion & depletion rate
      This is rather intuitive but here we go anyway. AST "natural" depletion (not the AST Depletion on HP attack) happens 2 seconds after your last AST gain (NOT after your attack animation). So if you're Exdeath and use Black Hole (and it misses), you'll notice you start losing AST pretty quickly, pretty much by the time the animation ends.
      You can prevent AST depletion by performing an attack, even if Exdeath for example spams Reverse Polarity non-stop without dodging and gets no AST gain (Attack), it will still reset the AST depletion timer.
      As for the depletion rate: a 100% filled AST gauge (2 bars) gets depleted in 10 seconds.
      7) AST Duration
      There are some misconceptions about this as well. AST Duration is a mechanic that only takes place when the AST gauge is full, and prevents the AST gauge from depleting when you're not attacking. This lasts 9 seconds without boosts, and again starts when you get the AST gain that fills the bar, not when the animation ends/after the AST gauge stops glowing. I know, 9 seconds seems like a weird number, but I can confirm it is that way and equipping Death Penalty will result in 11.7 seconds for AST Duration, for example.
      Performing an attack while the gauge is full will reset the timer for AST Duration.
      😎 AST Gauge Time
      This is a different mechanic available only by equipping Bartz's Hellfire (bonuses stack every time you equip it). AST Gauge Time boosts both Duration AND delays the AST depletion depending on your bonus. So if you equip Hellfire 3 times (30% boost), you'll get a 11.7s duration and the AST gauge will start depleting 2.6 seconds after your last AST gain (rather than after the usual 2 seconds).
      9) Final Strike's AST bonuses
      Lastly, there are also misconceptions about the AST bonuses this set gives. Some people thought these to be much higher but after testing them I found they're significantly lower. The AST boosts are:
      -AST Charge: +10%
      -AST Duration: +45%
      Beware that the AST Charge bonus from Final Strike is bugged and doesn't boost AST gain (Attack), although it does boost all other three. Still, +10% AST Charge means that, if Yuna's Meteor Strike (the Ifrit BRV attack) normally gives a 3% AST gain (Hit), it'll give an extra 0.3% upon hitting.
      10) AST Lock
      AST Lock happens when your assist character is attacked or blocked (if they use a Melee attack). This lasts 1250F, which is 20.83 seconds approximately. The amount of AST you'll have after recovering from it is the same amount you had right as you AST locked. So, if you have 90% AST and escape and attack with an AST Lock, you'll have 90 - 50 = 40% AST a moment before the AST Lock, and so once you recover from AST Lock the AST Gauge will be at 40%.
    • By Sys
      Ruleset thread:
      Feedback, civil discussion, questions, miscellaneous stuff, humor, etc pertaining to that thread welcomed here.

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