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2016-09-15 : Conflict of the gods and Ace

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Here are the related articles :

So, here is the TL;DR version :  

  • The conflict will actually not be an entire different new mode as it will use the mission mode and the national ranked mode as its forms. Players will choose their faction in a separate menu where will be displayed the current points etc... and then will be able to queue for the normal modes as usual.
  • Players from different factions ( Materia / Spiritas ) will still be able to play with each other, similarly players from the same faction facing each other is possible.
  • The case where a full faction vs faction game will happen is if 3 players from the same faction are queing up together in favorable hours. When this condition isn't met, when the teams are composed of mixed factions or when the same faction faces each other, this is called "extra battle" because points will have to get adjusted afterwards.
  • Rewards are distributed differently depending on wether you're in the winning faction or not
  • Rewards are distributed after the first match you play since the conflict's end.
  • Sanctuarium has been updated in order to show a conflict of the gods section. The winning emblem will also be displayed after every conflict.
  • The aspiration effect has been changed, where you could previously "stack up" your aspiration effects with 2 different spells, a single aspiration effect will be kept for each player.
  • The lock on dash has been changed, now it will approach differently the altitude difference between both characters in order to make the chase after summons' launch attacks easier for example.



  • The first conflict of the gods will start September 15th at 8 AM. It will end on September 28th at 6 AM.
  • Ace will be unlocked with points earned during the conflict of the gods : If you're in the winners team you will have to get 1500 points. If you're in the loosers team you will have to get 2000 points.
  • Knowing the rewards are given after the first match you play once the conflict is finished, Ace is most likely going to appear on the 28th.
  • These rewards : player icon, Suzaku title, BGM ( suzaku's fire ), Ace will also be unique rewards related to the first edition of the conflict of the gods. I guess that regarding Ace, all players won't be able to play him instantly, rather, the ones who will earn enough points will get to play him in an "early access" kind of deal.

Then other than that, more information about bug fixes, updated sanctuarium content ( my account etc.. )




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