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May I make some simple mod requests here?

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I've spent all day searching for mods, and trying to figure out the modding tools but making no headway, and I'm about at my wit's end. I figure somebody more experienced with this sort of thing could probably make the things I want in a fraction of the time it would take for me to try to make them myself. The things I want don't sound terribly complex on paper, so hopefully they won't be complex in practice either. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help! (I would also like it if any mods you provide me have all of the necessary files. I learned from my digging around that some mods dodn't have assist data, it seems.)


First off, if possible, I would like if somebody could provide me with all of the ingame costumes for some characters in the form of DLC. I would like to use the DLC Toolkit (which is the one thing I did sort of figure out how to use, kind of) to rearrange the order of these costumes so that I can play with them in story mode and fight against computer controlled enemies using my preferred costumes. The characters I want the costumes of are WoL, Firion, Onion Knight, CoD, Cecil, Kain, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Terra, Sephiroth, Tidus, and Jecht.

I would also appreciate it if somebody could provide me with a spreadsheet of the official DLC costumes and music. For some reason, I can't seem to get the toolkit to generate one. I might need it so that I can know which DLC slots are used by the official DLC, so that I don't make anything overlap by accident.


With that out of the way, on to the actual mods I would like to have.


Cecil's Alt 2 outfit with him using a sword in both regular form and EX Mode.

Cecil's DLC 1 outfit with him using a sword in both regular form and EX Mode.

Kain's Alt 1 outfit with the EX Mode outfit of his Normal costume.

Gilgamesh's Alt 2 outfit with the EX Mode outfit of his Normal costume.

Gabranth's Normal outfit with him wearing his helmet in both regular form and EX Mode.

Cecil's DLC 1 outfit with the hair of his Alt 2 outfit. (Swapping the heads might be all you need to do?)

Terra's Alt 2 outfit with green hair, and the EX Mode of her Normal outfit.

agl89's "Classic Terra" mod with the EX Mode of Terra's Normal outfit.

The mod for Bartz that turns him into Serge from Chrono Cross, with the assist files it appears to be missing. I've uploaded it here for ease of access:


EDIT: I would also like Sephiroth's Normal outfit with that weird pink and yellow thing under his coat removed, and the little line of beads hanging from his right bracelet removed.

EDIT 2: I would also like Cloud's Normal outfit, but with his clothes made more purple, to closer resemble what he looked like in FF7.


Moving away from costumes, I would like to replace a song in the game. I would like to replace Duodecim's character select theme "Heroes", with the original Dissidia's character select theme "Battle Preparations". I always thought it was a far more hype-inducing song. I don't know how difficult it is to outright replace songs in the game rather than just add more, but if it's not difficult, I may have more songs I would like replaced. But this is all for now.


Lastly, I don't know if something like this would be remotely possible or not, but would it be possible to make the cursor on the character select screen start on Warrior of Light instead of Lightning?


Thank you for reading, and I would greatly, hugely appreciate it if you can help me with these!

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Sorry buddy, there's no one here who would even care about your requests and problems, let alone try to help you. If you're lucky someone will pop up and spout either nonsense or how you should do it all yourself without expecting any shred of decency or courtesy from the "experts" here. I mean, your post is standing proof of that. There's a 100% guarantee they've seen it, but wouldn't give half a shit about even dropping a reply to state a negative. But you know what's funny? Right now, if you spam some thread or anywhere else for that matter of fact, if you do something that doesn't sit well with their ethics, you can be damn sure that those very same self proclaimed "pros" would just pop up within half a day and just tell you off. That's fact. 

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As for the custom model imports, I don't do modding, just swapping pre-existing model imports in and out. So far in, I haven't come across the models you've mentioned/asked for, but I'll let you know if I find 'em. 

As for the character select screen, no sirree, there's no way to do that. At least, I wouldn't think so. Unless you could somehow alter the lines of codes themselves to change the selection screen accordingly. 

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While I do wish that guides had been properly archived from the old site (both gameplay and modding), that doesn't mean we have to trample on everyone that comes here.

Fun fact: complaining about modders (understandably, in my opinion) want to focus on their own thing doesn't really help the situation. I think people going "community is bad" does more harm than modders going "Okay, well I'm going to finish up my current thing first, then we'll see what happens." Sure it'd be better if there was a thread I could pin that just shows all the essential knowledge, I'm not going to deny that, but shooing away people isn't helping.

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      Do the same with the "wepx" bones (i.e. wep0, wep1, etc.) and the bones in model _000A

      Look for the trans_include bone inside model-0 and copy everything above it

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      Now go to the material section of your custom .mds and remove this bit from every material

      Now dont forget to convert your png textures to gim using png2gim
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      Rename the new .gim to be the same as your png file

      After moving the .gims inside your GMOtool folder, use gmotool - to gmo 

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      Now you can try checking the .gmo in Noesis to see if the animations are properly working

      Please note your gmo size must not exceed 2.4mb

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