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Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

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long time ff fan for a few years, oddly enough for some strange reason i do not really have any interest for console or much high end stuff either due to well frankly my budget lol. I do enjoy playing around with emulators and have been for a few years starting with a nes then gradually worked up the chain to a n64, from there to ps1, ps2 lol. the thought occurred to me about a 2 or 3 weeks ago "hey u know what, u haven't tried that ppsspp emulator yet, and there is crisis core and dissidia to play which i hadn't played yet". Instantly fell in love with dissidia ❤️ crisis core is great too but dissdia has been the more played of the two, then my next thought was "hey i wonder if i can find some dlc or mods?" and yeah hahaha i think you can figure out the rest xD

never really done anything like designing or modding before but i do find all this very interesting and would like to learn, no harm in trying to have a try i figure 🙂
who I use? cloud and squall primarily. Kain, Prishe, Yuna and Zidane get honorable mentions too, in time when i play the game more ill probably have a differrent lineup lol ive only gotten up to chapter 000

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forgot a few things

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( sorry for my grammar not good in english, not sure )

Discovered the game in 2010 but got to play in 2014 because that's the time I got a psp, I play DFF first and then I discover DDFF in 2017 from a friend of mine I really like this game because I can play as Sephiroth because Advent Children is the one that introduced me to the Final Fantasy and then dissidia introduced me to more interesting characters and make try to play main series games that's why till now I still play and enjoy this game. 

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Let's see... I was a part of the community back when the DLC kit was first made. Left for, welp I actualy forgot the reason, and since I left the site got an update and my old account stuff didn't work so I had to start over.

Definitely ready to get back to playing and modding.

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