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Hiro toyotomi

Question and Possibly mod requests

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26 minutes ago, Hiro toyotomi said:

Do i have to use neosis or something else to extract it?

what god eater are we talking about first?

pc? psp? resurrection? rage burst?

each has a different method to rip the models

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11 minutes ago, Haussenkraft said:

what god eater are we talking about first?

pc? psp? resurrection? rage burst?

each has a different method to rip the models

Oh snap my fault god eater burst on psp

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18 minutes ago, Haussenkraft said:

You're gonna have to use gitmo to get the gmo files from the fpk + noesis to convert them

I got neosis but where can i find gitmo so i can do this also hope you do more kiyohime mods over all dissidia characters lol

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