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How to Substitute Hamachi

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This option will be our standard by the time our server is going down (October 25th). Follow the steps bellow:

  1. Download Zero Tier One program from the site https://www.zerotier.com/product-one.shtml
  2. After installing, run the program, copy and paste the server 8056c2e21c000001 and click "Join"
  3. Now, you put the IP of the host on ppsspp as usual, enable WLAN and play
  4. If you want to be the host, you need to run AdHocServer.exe and put your own IP on the emulator
  5. How to know my IP without hamachi? You can put on windows prompt "ipconfig" (without quotation marks) or visit this site http://earth.zerotier.net/
  6. To ping an IP just go to windows prompt and type "ping (IP you want to ping)" (without quotation marks)
  7. Notes: you need to turn hamachi off (or uninstall it) to avoid issues with ZTO. The option PRO ad hoc server from ppsspp is useless now, you need AdHocServer.exe to host
  8. 3 or more people in a group might cause issues (freeze controller for example)
  9. Since port 5000 works for both group and 1v1, never change that
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Just another note - you can also see your own IP on the ZeroTier program, though you will not be able to copy-paste. I've circled it here for easy reference:

ZT IP.png

Edit - I think I've found why ZTO doesn't work with firewall on. Earlier I checked the exception for it, and found it is by default set to block Edge Traversal...I changed it to allow all, and just had a session tonight with 3 diff ppl and no issues despite my firewall being ON.

Explanation: Most personal ISPs use Network Address Translation - in other words w/e IP you see on ipconfig is a private address, websites you go to will see something else. It's primarily used to allow multiple PCs in your home to ultimately share the same IP, else IPv4 would've run out of address space long ago. Edge Traversal = allows ppl on the internet to communicate with your PC through this, without it, ZTO on other end would only be able to get to your router.

Anyways, tl;dr = here's how you configure it, if you don't want to have to keep shutting firewall off:


How to configure firewall for ZTO #1.png

How to configure firewall for ZTO #2.png

How to configure firewall for ZTO #3.png


After some testing with JoyRaines, it appears Edge Traversal may NOT be the issue, but network location. My firewall exception got reset to "block edge traversal" at some point, I found we could still connect with me hosting, however when I changed the network location to "public", he got a long whitescreen -> hangs on "connecting to lobby" when trying to enter Corn. After I changed location back to "home" and had him reset, connection successful. I also tested with DMZ off, DMZ on, no changes here. Having JoyRaines host did not work however...Windows 10 may have issues here; first it would not allow him to change ZTO's location without re-installing it...I had him do that, and set it to "private", and he still could not host; I got the same long whitescreen->stuck on "connecting to lobby" when trying to enter Corn. We tried having him allow Edge Traversal, uninstall Hamachi, reboot PC, and could not get it to work with him hosting.

12/26 update - JoyRaines found the issue he was having in this scenario. Make sure you have a firewall exception for adhocserver.exe as well, he found this -> enable inbound rule to allow it, says he can now host with firewall on.

ZTO troubleshooting.png

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Glitchy. The most common issue is controller freeze when trying to choose a side, sometimes it disappears after around 3-5 minutes, other times you have to re-host and try again. This used to happen with Hamachi as well, but it is VERY common with ZeroTier, nearly every time I've been in a group of 4-6 ppl we've had to rehost at least once to get past this issue. DCs are common as well. Groups of 3 are usually no problem, however.

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