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Aegis Runestone

Is there an Action Replay Code for FF4 DS which renames the ???'s Love Augment?

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So, I started a new playthrough of FF4 DS. I didn't like the name I gave to ???'s Love, and want to avoid starting from the very beginning to change it; I'm burnt out from starting out since I've been playing it on and off all year.

I did a lot of Googling, and I've seen a lot of cheat codes for FF4 DS which do some interesting things, so I assumed there would be a code to rename the ???'s Love augment. I didn't find one.

I'd like to know if there is an Action Replay code which allows you to change the name of ???'s Love. Like something which would open the name prompt you get from Namingway or perhaps a code which I can use the hexdecimals to change the name. Anyone know? If not, how can I make such code? Or would anyone like to help me, please?

I'm using the cart, BTW.

Thank you ahead of time. 🙂

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    • By Aegis Runestone
      For those who don't know, Icewind Dale II is an older "Infinity Engine" Dungeons and Dragons game made by Black Isle. Bioware published Icewind Dale I, but for some odd reason had no hand in IWD2 besides Black Isle using their Infinity Engine.

      Icewind Dale II uses 3rd edition rules with some of its own extra stuff.

      Album of Character sheets: http://imgur.com/a/GYoHC
      The characters I chose were: Cecil, Rosa, Edge, Kain, Rydia, and Yang. Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, and other DnD-like Infinity Engine games--in general--allow for six party members, and I've never played a monk in DnD, and Yang was a pretty important character to the plot (I mean, everyone was, but Yang stayed in your party for quite some time), so I added him.

      Cecil is an Aasimar, basically a half-human half-divine being. It fits with his Lunarian heritage. Unfortunately, any human character who is an Aasimar/Tiefling (Tiefling being a human with demonic origins) is set an effective level ahead of other characters, which means they need more experience to keep up with the other characters in terms of power.

      IMO, I think I chose some incorrect beginning stats for some of the party members. I could edit the stats via cheating (I would trade unneeded stats for needed stats), but it wouldn't retroactively change their effects on the characters (like increasing Rosa's Wisdom through cheats won't increase the number of Cleric spells she can memorize until she levels).

      Also, maybe Rydia should have been a wizard instead of a sorcerer, but even so, Sorcs get more magic in terms of just being able to blast things (best for tons of offensive spells). Rydia will definitely have Summon Monster for each spell level to represent her Summoning abilities. You may notice Rydia has a VERY high Charisma (18 is the highest you can get naturally, IIRC). Charisma, not Intelligence, is needed for Sorcs.

      Rosa and Rydia, although humans get two starting feats, lost one because I wanted Rosa to have proficiency in bows and Rydia to have proficiency in flails (flails being the closest weapon to a whip in Icewind Dale/Baldur's Gate/etc.)

      Still, I'm having fun, though, I'm going to save from now on before having Cecil report to an NPC for a completed quest because, sometimes, if the NPC offers gold, Cecil, being a Paladin and because of how Paladins work in DnD, will reject any form of gold. This is bad because IWD2 is one of the hardest of the Infinity Engine games and money is hard to come by, but crazy important if you want to survive. Especially the defense of Targos in the beginning where, if your characters are still level 1, they can die easily. At Level 1, revival is near impossible.

      I do need to customize their bios, though, for full immersion. :p

      Still a lot of fun to play with the FF4 party. Kain's ability to wield spears, making Rosa a ranged Cleric, and having Yang is more varied than compared to my original IWD2 party.

      Edit: Crossed out the link since I removed the album. Not many people were interested.

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