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Colonel Birdstrong

SatoshiKura's Mods: Siegfried Schtauffen released

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to apologize for the lack of mods released lately. I've been working on other things for a while, such as a few Breath of the Wild mods, but I plan to get back into Dissidia modding soon. After all, I still have to make good on my word for those Hyrule Warriors imports.

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Finally released another new mod! It's not someone from Hyrule Warriors, but from a different series altogether. Welcome to Dissidia, Snake! Thanks a ton to Chris Shade for helping me fix up his hair some.

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hey man, your mods are awesome. I just grabbed a bunch of them and it feels I have smash bros on my psp lol. I noticed you have monster hunter mods and they look sick. I'm a hug fan of monster hunter, been playing since the ps2 games. The first ever flagship monster for MH is the rathalos and I was wondering if you could make a rathalos armor mod with a greatsword. Either orginal or the silver sol winged armor would be sick and any greatsword would fine as well. Maybe the iconic wyvern jawblade. I made an account just to ask for this lol. Even if you decide against it, thanks in advance bro. 




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It's been a while since I made a mod! So long, that my PSP's batteries both died and won't charge. And then my memory stick adapter broke. Basically, my PSP's out of business for now, so PPSSPP's all I got to test on. I apologize for the boring screenshots for Siegfried, but it's hard to get good ones without HUD elements in the way using PPSSPP. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy using Siegfried, if you grab him!

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Greetings Sir,

I accidentally stumbled on this video today (due to watching a lot of Super Smash Bros 3/4 & 5 vids) and trying to seach for the owner of this amazing looking Link (WoL) mod. Shown here in the video is Link with long elven ears, similar to how he looked in The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time and also from Soul Calibur 2 (as a guest character in the Gamecube version).

Unfortunately, no download link was available in that video and the youtuber didn't bother to give 'proper' credit to the owner of the mod (at least he could have mentioned a name), plus it was an old video, 2013, meaning, there goes the old dissidia forums. So I guess I was out of luck.

But then, after what seemed like hours upon hours of seaching, I came across your old video. Lo and behold!


Judging from the similarity of the two (long and pointy ear) Links in the videos and the fact that both videos were published the same year, I am guessing that you were the author who made that superb TLoZ : OoT Link mod in the first video, am I correct? 

So I thought to myself, "Silly me! I think I have all of Colonel Birdstrong's mods stored in my SD card, the mod was with me all this time! Haha!"

I then quickly unzipped the file (HW : Oot3D Link) and tried all the GMOs, they were quite a few variations.

However, after trying out all of the GMOs (from that zip file), it seems that all of the Links variations/versions only have short ears and look very different from the youtube videos I posted.

Not trying to give up that easily, I tried out all the other versions as well, (Twilight Pricess Link and Hyrule Warrior Link) from your main page, but it turns out they were not the one I am looking for.

Am I out of luck? Maybe I am missing something? Or perhaps that it was an old mod and you now no longer have it anymore? :-(

By the way, the zip files I have downloaded from your page before was actually titled as HW : OoT3D Link, Hyrule Warrior Link and TP Link, I can't seem to find the TLoZ : OoT download link.

Anyway, if by any small chance you might still have that cool looking "The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time Link" file still lying around somewhere nearby, would you mind sharing it to the public again, my good sir? Because I think that the 'pointy long ear-ed TLoZ : OoT Link' mod is the best version ever! 

More importantly I also want to take this opportunity to thank you sir, for your other creative works which are absolutely incredible and simply marvelous!

I love all of your fantastic works and my most favorite among them is Snake mod (Metal Gear) and Samus mod (Metroid).

Well I guess it is time for me to stop bothering you now, so I bid you good day, have a pleasant week, and thank you once again, Colonel Sir!


Ps. If you didn't reply, it is totally fine by me, then I'll just pressume that the old Link is...dead.  :-p

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